(Arsenal Fans) Don't you think we need to get rid of Adebayor and Batista and sign a Top Class Striker ?

I have been watching Arsenal for the last 9 years at least and I think those two strikers cannot carry the load especially in term of Goal scoring. They are both poor finishers especially Adebayor. He has never been able to hit 15 Goals per season and that unacceptable to me. I watched Batista several times since he joined the Gunners. What I noticed is that he has a really poor fisrt touch and he is not totally confident whe he faces Keepers. I think we need to Get rid of Adebayor , Batista and also Aliadere and then Sign a top striker like Lucas Toni or anyone who has a good goal scoring record . I love Robin Van Persie and I think he would have been the starter alongside with Henry if he wasn't injured. So, what's your opinion?


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Talking about Adebayor.i rilly think he sucks...dunno why arsene makes him play.bastita is only here on loan...and reyes will soon be back..reyes is having a great season at madrid...and sure will scorenext season...acyually arsenal doesnt also have much money to be put into the transfer window.so they put the money on they young talent...dont worry Arsenal will win next.

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I don't think I'd get rid of them-- especially not Adebayor, since he's still young. But I would get a new, top class striker-- especially since Henry is getting on in years. I agree with you that van Persie is great for the team, and I would love to see more of him paired with Henry when they're both healthy.

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i think that adebayor has proven that he can play in the absence of henry n van persie..but i would like to c anelka return to arsenal..

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I think u are wrong. I think Adebayor is a great player and he is still young. While Baptista is a player that might not be so good but his physical presence could be important in certain matches. Reyes has proven he is not happy in London so he might not come back. Alidiere just sucks he should be leaving. Idk if Baptista is leaving but the Arsenal youngster Bendtner can fill up Baptista's spot. This guy has talent. While a good purchase during the transfer window can definetely make Arsenal a contender for next yr. GO ARSENAL!!!

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i think that adebayor and baptista should be sidelined for some time and arsene wenger should sign in some top class experienced players instead of giving youngsters a chance in every game.only somebody like ronaldinho can something for the club.

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Look dear Arsenal fan...I am a fan of Arsenal too. You know that Arsenal has produced some of the world's best football over the years and even Arsenal has some of the worlds best footballers. But when you see them as a team, Adebayor or Walcott or Aliadere, you see they are equally as important as Fabregas or Hleb. Even, they are young players and need to learn. It is the lack of experience that you see and not their talents. And Baptista, he is the Beast after all. Haven't you seen all the lovely free-kicks he takes? They are fabulous and speaking of Super Strikers, Wenger is looking for one. Go to Arsenal.com and read the Headlines.

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Adebayor is quality, I think Baptista is going back to Madrid.

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I don't think getting rid of them will do the team any good! I tend to disagree with your opinion, especially as far as Adebayor is concerned. For me, he is playing to the best of his capability and that is acceptable. Julio Baptista is also not that bad. Some of these guys are not strikers, but are sometimes forced to play in such positions. They supply strikers!

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inspite of these strikers havin a bright future,i wud have an experienced specialist striker.just to be on the safer side.someone like totti would just raise arsenal's level of play

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i think adebayor is a good sub, he is a good second strikler not the goal scorer. from what ive seen from aliadiare.. he should be gone he doesnt do ANYTHING with the exception of the liverpool game, and as for baptista.. i like brazilians and for somereason baptista has failed to impress me .. he LACKS PACE! he is SO slow he remids me of myself.. he has good skill and shot but hes too slow (haha just like me) i dont think reyes wants to come back does he??

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I think Adebayour is still young and he only got his first season with Arsene's trust to be on the pitch, so maybe he should stay at least one more season at Arsenal to see how he's going to be. Batista have played a totally different type of football before he joined Arsenal, and if he is going to stay at Arsenal next season, I think he should show more class. With the injury to the likes of Henry, van Persie, and Walcott, I think they, plus Aliadiere, will have some time to play their best football and show us, the Gooners, whether they should stay or leave Arsenal next season and since the season is coming to a close and Arsenal have only one competition to play for, I think it's going to be a proofing, hard time for Adebayour, Batista, and the rest of the squad,

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