A few years ago Fergie announced his decision to retire!?

That season they died away and won nothing, Since then Man U haven't won the title, but what chances on winning the league then retiring in the summer?


I love arsenal football club!!!!?

hence the reson he has not retired he wants the title back

Arsenal v Liverpool predictions?

he might if they win the league and european cup

The Premiership. Is it overrated?

fergie said it himself that as long as he feels healthy and can do the job, he will remain the gaffer...

Would you ban the off-side rule ?

I'm a man u fan but i don't think fergie is going to retire any time soon......

Who doyou think the bargain as been this january transfer window?

I don't think he can retire. I think Man united has become his life he's been there over 10 years and is a hero there. He is also the best manager in the world ever in my opinion and I'm a Blackburn fan! I think until he is mentally or physically unable to manage he will continue to do so, so chances of him retiring after the summer very slim if you ask me, don't bet on it!

Simply the best?

when the reds win the treble this year . any way your only as young as the women you feel come on you reds

Liverpool FC Buying The Title?

If he wins the treble, there is a chance he will retire being he is going out on top. But, like he said, as long as he is healthy and could do the job, he will stay on.
I keep hearing Roy Keane as a possible replacement for him.who knows!

Have reading ever won the fa cup?

I reckon he was hanging on for the CL, think he'll leave now!

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