AC Milan v Man Utd?!?

Question:UTD 3-2 up! can they hold on?
Predictions plz!!


Can Jose Mourinho manage ManUtd if Fergie leaves?

i jus asked this, i say 2-1 to man u

Which football(soccer) team can be consider as "The Most Hated Team"??

0-0 utd will be happy with that because they will be going through

Will michael owen leave newcastle united fc,?

3 - 1 Man Utd

Who do you think is the best midfielder in the world?

I hope Utd win but it's going to be very tough. Man U will score though. I'd predict 1-1. I'll have no nails left tomorrow!!!!!!!!...

Avatars how2?


Where can i see a live broadcast football match via my pc and its for free?


Tomw is my soccer game wish me luckk,?

AC Milan 1 Man U 2

Is there any specialty football shirts stores in Hong Kong, and if yes, where are they located?

Too close to call!
Think United have the edge only having to draw - but still wouldn't put money on it!
Looking forward to the game though!

West bromich albion?

I hope the Man U could win this match, i don't like the Italian football because is too defensive meanwhile the English football is great for the eyes, you just have to love that kind of football.

Do the Bolton Wanderers plan on getting a new coach?

my man is "Man Utd" - i have always rated AC Milan from the Serie A lot!


i think that Man Utd will only be spurred on by the Chelsea defeat and the prospect of whooping the "Scousers" *!

(i just pray they don't lose in the final - because they would never hear the end of it!)


(Except that Ronaldo tit - i can't stand him!)
x score? 2-0 Man U

Badluck Liverpool,you,ve done the country proud,from Preston North End fan.?

venuto su AC Milano
speranza che vincete 4-0

aggiornamento 03-05-07

bene, ero soltanto 1 assente!!

Why are many football player usally bald ??

3-2 to man u! hey! that rhymes!

To people who hate Ronaldo i just wanna know why?

It's hard to say
Both are very good teams, and have great forwards.
Milan will score, that is for sure.
Man u will also score.

I hope it's United all the way, but I think it will be tough, with Man u going behind at the beginning and coming back to win it at the end.

I say 3-2 Man United

What is the view like from area u12 at the millenium stadium cardiff?

MAN UTD will win 3-1

What does Hotspurs mean?

yes because we are the best

Is there any soccer conditioning exercises i can do at home?

its gonna be a bloomin tough game they only need one goal. but with finger, toes, legs and anything else i can cross lets hope man u can do it.

think i might be in 4 an uncomfortable night!

1 - 1

mufc 4 lyf

ooops. looks like we were wrong. oh well come on liverpool

When is iran playing and where can i watch the match?

i predict a score draw
1-1 or 2-2

Where will i find an address to write to david beckham?

M anchester united will hang on to there lead tonite

If you could get rid of one league which would it be?

I think Man U will win it 2-1

Who will be the next big stars to sign for MLS teams?

I say Manchester will pass.

US soccer, and why i love the UK!?

ofcourse MAN UTD can win..a draw will help MAN UTD reach the final..and a win to MAN UTD will also help they i think that they are able to end the match without losing..WAKE UP GIRL YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT MANCHESTER UNITED NOT CHELSEA

Get in shape FAST for soccer?

2-1 ac

CHAMPIONIES CHAMPIONIES ole ole ole wooooooo hoooooo. :))?

I want AC Milan to win and let history repeat itself!

What major European football/soccer teams are touring the U.S. this summer?

3-0 to Milan.

Elton of Steaua Bucuresti is getting a lot of publicity, is he really that good?

Well as we all know, they couldn't. To all the Man Utd fans who confidently predicted a Man Utd win - ha ha ha ha. You really do think you are the greatest team ever, how naive are you all ?

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