All the great MANCHESTER UNITED supporters please answer?

if you get to Meet CR7 after the season finishes..Man utd wins EPL and most probably UEFA...what would you tell him??


Is anyone else surprised and saddened by Leeds United's season?

i would congratulate him from the bottom of my heart..and ensure that he knows that he is one of the greatest players the world has ever seen!!

What is the purpose of the white band around a player's finger?

Thanks for not leaving for some other club. I hope you do amazing things next season.

Who is the greatest ever english sportsman?

I adore you!

Who do u think is the best goalkeeper in the epl?

What do you do to be so lucky ? What herbs I wanna use them as well.

Matty Taylor for England?

I would thank him for all that he did for man u
and congratulate him for having a great season
and good luck for next season

Calling all you Spurs fans..?

thx, and you made a good choice singing with united, and btw can u sign this for me? :) lol

What do you think of my Tottenham Song?

Brilliant sexy football darlin keep it up :)) Glory Glory Man Utd

Do you think Andriy Shevchenko is overrated?

hey whats up you kicked some @ss this season!!

How difficult is it to get tickets to see Arsenal?

So whats next?

Where can i buy liverpool fc underwear?

that he is an amazing player

A specific kind of cleat to..?

can i have a million bucks.

So the England football squad has been announced.James and Campbell left out.Why?

Yap as Man U said Ill thank him and congratulate him and of course tell him to make Portugal win too

Happy-go-lucky for Manchester United?

I'd tell him I'm truly proud of him (and so are all of us madeirenses de funchal!), that he really is a jogador bonito, and then I'd tell him to continue working hard and to continue playing beautifully. To never ever give into money and to go where his heart wants him to, to play for the game not for the money.

Lol yeah then I'd be like VAI RONALDO. vitória para Portugal!!

Has anyone had a child attend the David Beckham soccer Academy in London?

WOW! How i envy you! Thanx for sticking around though! Unlike others!

Tottenham vs Blackburn predictions?

Congratulations! Keep it up. Hope you do it again next year.
Best of luck.

Arsenal rocks?

Will you marry me Cristiano? lol

Any of you all FC Sevilla fans are glad that Nicolae Dica from STEAUA is injured?

First I will thank him profusely for helping Man U win all the tournament, and advise him to start looking for new challenges... move on... play in the US. Get out of here. The team won't be motivated anymore.

Who did england beat in the world cup final in 1966?

Where are your wings >?

JC English Premiership?

Congratulations on helping Man United to win the Treble. I wish you every success in our quest for a third Treble next season.

Who won the FA cup 2007?

That he did the right thing by singing a new contract with man utd and kick real madrid a**

How does argentina have 1st place in the world rankings?

Thanks for being such a wonderful player this season and won the treble..
Dont stop!


What is the best factor in a soccer team .technique or tactic?

Congratulations for great games this year!

What is the best brand of Sports Shoe for Narrow Feet?

I will wish him a good luck next season.
And kiss him :)) lol

How many youth and amateur football teams are there in england and the uk?

I'd be like "hi.*stunned silence*..erm."
When i composed myself i'd thank him for staying and playing beautiful football and tell him that no other teams fans could love him more!

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