Can the media stop criticising mourinho?


If a football player was to pass back to the keeper by flicking the ball up and heading it back?

Well, he had the chance last night to show some character after the game - and he made himself plain ridiculous instead.

How come in Europe they call soccer football, than what do they call actual football?

i am a chelsea fan i think that the media will not stop critising him because he is such a big character in football. no matter whether chelsea win or lose they always have sumthing to say about him, although he does attract most of the attention himself i dont think this is a bad thing but i jus suppose its annoying when your team loses, maybe if ther was another manager that came onto the scene that attracted as much attention as mourinho then maybe they would move onto that person instead.

Can i buy the magazine four four two in the states?

Why should they? Mourinho brought it upon himself.

He calls out C. Ronaldo as being uneducated. He thinks Liverpool are a small club. He really thinks Chelsea were the better team last night.

At times, he says whatever he says to absorb criticism from the media so his player can remain focus

Does anyone know where i can watch match of the day online?

maybe he should stop giving them excuses to criticize him. Calling Ronaldo uneducated? that's just too much and besides, it has nothing to do with football. Actually they should stop criticising him because the more attention he gets, the more of a bastard he becomes.

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