If Arsenal let in six at the Emirates would it generate as much hysteria…….?

Don’t think so


How much are tickets to the 2010 world cup in South Africa?

The Hysteria wouldn't be generated if they let six in because they don't have half the history we do..even at Highbury. It is a small blip in our season and we will bounce back... 9 goals... you'll see...

When will A.C Milan?

it would for me

Does anyone know where i can get the mp3 song of jose mourinho and keane by mario rosenstocks? or send it plz?

probably not

I'm on the Waterloo Soccer team and we need a cheer!?

yeh but no, if it was highbury then yes, but they havnt quite got the history at the emerites yet!

Why Are Leeds Fans So Mardy??

yeah, if they played a second string west ham side.

I need help chosing goalkeeper gloves!!?

I would love it

Do u want beckham bak 2 play 4 england and y?

No, not really. Emirates is still new so you can't really call it a fortress yet though it has not lost any match at home. Anfield is a fortress. They lost 2 consecutive at home and Arsene didnt really start a good team against them. 6-3 , humuliating. At home, the fans should have left, taken off their Liverpool jersey once they stepped out and quickly looked for a hole to hide their jersey or face.

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Course it would. I think it was the fact that Arsenal battered 9 past your mob in 2 games got people talking.

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Yes if, like Liverpool, they were playing a bunch of kids...How BAD are Liverpool??

Tonight match: Wigan Athletic vs Arsenal. 10 pts to first correct predicted score, Quick!!?

Honestly yes it would they papers would be talkin bout relegation like they was earlier in the season wen i dont think we'd ave beat accrington!

No Major club in europe should let in 6 goals it would cause hysteria anywhere across europe - milan, barca, Lyon, Munich the're wud be amjor question asked every where.

I remember we lost 6-1 at old trafford a few years back now when we had no back line fit and believe me there was mass hysteria in North London that week it made Wenger re think his whole back line. I even think it prompted him to bring in Stevie Bould to help!

Does anyone know what Eric Cantona is up to these days?


Who's the worst manager your favourite football teams had?

you're probably not old enough to remember arsenal 3-6 man utd in the same competition. lee sharp scored a hatrick at the age of 18 yrs. this of course was at highbury, and if your question is suggesting that liverpool are getting slated because they are a big club. their 18 league titles, 5 European cups smug bastards deserve all they get. arsenal at that time got ribbed to death. if you want to know what it is like to be constantly slated be a united fan for a day. boo hoo people are making fun of pool.

Who do you think will win the English Premiere League this year??

Who cares:- I'm not either a Liverpool or Arsenal supporter

How jealous am i of a 9 year old child?

yeah about the same as if man u or chelsea did, or as liverpool have. unlucky 6-3 hahahahaha lmao

Do Americans care about the Beckhams move?

it might become a devastating blow to the team if such happens for we know that T.Henry has not been in adequate form through out this season but there are some variables that effect's the course of the game, we just have to wait and see.how the team will preform.

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No, because there not a big club like liverpool.

Didn't you think Gunners will be the champions league winner of 2007/08 and premiership winner of 2007/08?

united stuffed arsenal 6-2 at highbury back in the early 90's in the worthless cup.don't remember too much hysteria then.

Is there any exhiliration in sports that matches the game-winning goal in a soccer match?

To let in 6 at home is really poor but to let in 9 in 4 days... I'll repeat that... to let in 9 ... in 4 days... 9 in 2 home matches is seriously bad.

If Baptista had scored his pen, it would have been the first time liverpool let in 7 at anfield, it would have also been 10 goals in 4 days.

How many clubs go close to letting in double digits in 2 matches?

Thats why it's a problem.

Will Roma beats Parm by 2 goals?

yer because arsenal id good so 6 goals going past any top team is shocking

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