All English champions league final??

Does anyone think there will be an all English champions league final and if so, which teams will contest it?


Who do you see signing Andrés Guardado and how soon?

I think Chelsea have not been invincible this year ,and if they get by Valencia, I honestly dont see them passing Man Utd ,who i think will beat Roma.
I think the PSV v L.Pool will be a cracker, and with Liverpool style , I think they can catch PSV. Its a tough one, but if there is going to be an English final , Liverpool V. United.
What a final that would be eh ??

Vote 4 Cristiano Ronaldo please! this is the website vote?

There could be and it would be mint! imagine if it was at wembly

Do anyone beleive me that there is a kind of not fair in soccer?

Most likely Chelsea - Manchester United. Chelsea are looking like their old self again. Shevchenko is improving dramatically.

I play for a high school soccer team. However, the more that I practice by myself,the worse I do in games.Why?

its a possibility but not necessarily.

if it does happen it'll be us and liverpool.

oh btw 'us' = man u


Why bother with the national anthem at Cardiff today?

yep i defiantly think that tjis year there will be all English final
i think it will be man u and Chelsea
Chelsea Will gain revenge on Liverpool and beat them
but these are just my predictions its football anything can happen
but i wish man u kick Chelsea's *** the final which is due to be played in Athens Greece in may
hope that helped
glory glory man utd

Do u think Germany did good as the host team?why?

Yes for probably the first time this is a definite possibility.. Liverpool v Chelsea inevitably.

Men who play soccer?

Liverpool v. Manchester United.


Half way thro. so who is going to win english prem.?

Oh Yes, Liverpool v Man United
Chelsea in the semi, Man U in the final.
Where already planning the celebrations when Rafa's Reds make it SIX times

Who was the bigger idiot?

Man U vs Chelsea

Which one is better player - Steve Mcmanaman or Steven Gerrard?

manu vs. chelsea girls, glory manu. finally remember if you are not a manc than you are *.

Who hates Manchester United?

Liverpool Vs Manchester United!

What major event is happening in Valencia this year?

it will not happen.

In ur face united!!whoz wit me?


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although i am a loyal fan of arsenal i think man utd wins the champions league. they are playing the best football right now. completely dominating all competition with rooney ronaldo and a strong defense. valencia could also contest man u in the final but also liverpool whats all the hype about liverpool. "You'll always walk alone "

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