After slaying the Romans at Old Trafford and beating AC Christina Milian who will Man Utd play in the final?

will we kick Chelski backside or fry a bit of Scouser?


Top 10 outside Mids (wingers)?

GO UNITED !! they are the best !!!

Steven Gerrard DVD?

There is no 100% gurranttee that MU will go through to the final although i wish that too... 1-0 at san siro and bye bye MU

Worst player in the premiership?

Who cares we can beat anybody right now.

Come On Chelsea,Come On Chelsea,Come On Chelsea,Come On Chelsea,Come On Chelsea,Come On Chelsea,ComeOnChelsea?

I could have sworn it was AC Milan we beat tonight I dont know what team you are refering to.

Best soccer (football) player of all time?

man utd wont be in the final!

Who is the best?

Slow down, we have a LONG way to go.

If we get Rio back before, I well be confident. If we have to play that defense again, Kaka well rip us apart, again.

Astroturf football pitches?

Oh you've been and got yourself all excited!

Calm down...You've done jolly well but you've run out of 'fit' players.

AC Milan will play Liverpool in the final.

It will be Liverpool's sixth success and Robby Fowler will come on as a substitute and score the winning goal and then Man Utd Will finally and permanently understand that although they were the first to win this will always and forever belong to Liverpool.

Tell you can have the League about that?

EDIT: sad little thumb!...The rest of your mates accepted the truth have they??

How do you play football?

2 away goals will see milan through

this could be the year when Man U throw away everything and win sod all

How is it said?

Don't be too cocky, we still have to play AC Milan in their hometown.

I hope we can beat Chelsea in the FA Cup and then win the premiership.. then I hope we can beat either Chelsea or Liverpool in the UEFA CL final. I kinda hope it's Chelsea.. how interesting would it be to play the same team for all 3?? Hahaa.. that'd be hilarious, really!

If football was founded in Britain why do we have to answer to fifa,why dont the world answer to us.?

if it was guaranteed to beat them liverpool. but if not i pick chelsea... lol.

Top 30 defenders?

milan not man u v chelsea, man u is not in anymore noway thay can win in milan ,bet on that

Does (Doesn't) Thierry Henry dive nowadays?

They aint in the final yet you Munich Knobend..

FA Cup Final?

i think it will be chelsea

Does anyone no the password to buy soccer tickets for gold cup on ticketmaster ?

i am sorry i don't think u'll be in final.

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