Ac shouldnt have been in champs league?!?

Considerin last seasons match fixin and juve's demotion from serie a and elimination from champ league milan shouldnt have been reinstated in champions league finishing only 2nd to juve.


Will Spurs ever beat Arsenal ?

the whole entire punishment was a joke if you think about it youre right im just saying

Favourite english player?

well i won't say they should have been in the CL
i say they shouldn't have made it to semis

Soccer correlation to.?

Milan should be in the bottomless pitt!

So Am i Gonna Be in a GOOD or BAD mood After tonights gmae??

NO!! Milan should not be in CL they should be in Seire B along with the rest of the "cheaters.'' Juve should be in Seire C because they fixed the games so that they would win it all.

Does anybody have?

nope they should be in the Chumps league!

Manu or chelsea to win title?

They should have been in the Champions league. They earned the right to be where they are.
They finished second to juve in serie a but they are still able to play in the CL, that's according to the decision made by the authorities.

Dones anyone know the name of the song that was used to advertise the football games??

and this is coming from a an english fan who's scared of next week? LMAO

Who should play against Manchester on Wednesday?

lol..are you out of your mind ?? do follow news or SKY NEWS ?? dont you anything about that scandal ??

Leeds are staying up?

Ya, they are by far the best
And this, many football lovers like me in a Yahoo!Football Group are saying this -

With many members and photos likewise increasing each day, it should come as no surprise that we are going to have the biggest membership - and support for football/soccer .

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