Ac Milan v.s. Liverpool who will win?


Has henry lost his talismatic power?

AC Milan will outclass liverpool. the way they played against Man U was brilliant. They have too many world class players such as Kaka, Guttuso, Pirlo, Nesta... The pool have to rely on Gerard, who can't do it all himself, again.

Milan V Liverpool?

AC Milan most definitely. They've got Kaka after all.

What is the FA Cup , and UEFA ? They continue to interupt the Premier Leagues schedule .?

Milan looks like they've got more momentum. It's not every day that you knock off Manchester United 3-0 (which Liverpool hasn't done in a while either).

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Who play number 21 for notts county?

I hope Liverpool does. But, its disapoiting because both of them have a chance of wining the Champions League but neither of them will win their country league.

Schedule Matches for Real Madrid?

i'll choose ac milan..what a sweet revenge if milan beat liverpool in CL final..

Does anyone else think that Man utd fans are the worst?

AC Milan

Liverpool v Crystal Palace 9-0?!?!?!?!?!?


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AC Milan. They have the momentum built up and now they are gearing up towards the final touch.

I have heard some crappy football rumors, but this one is UNBELIEVABLE?

liverscum will win!

Why do goalies wear different colours?


Liverpool 2 - 1 AC Milan


Is there a such thing as pro inddor soccer? We have an indoor field?

I'm not a supporter of neither of them but Liverpool beat Chelsea so I have to say that Milan will win, hopefully they will!!

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Should any Manager ever do this?

ac milan!!

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