3-2!!!!! ROONEY!! ROONEY!!!! YeSSSSSS!?


Out of Leeds and Southend: Whose got the better chance of gaining promotion back to the CCC for nxt season?

You allowed two away goals... YeSSSSSS!!

What does Hotspurs mean?


List 16 under-23 English players (first 11 and subs) that are probably the future of England's football team

Oh did they win...meeeeem

Whats your idea about Ali Dayee?



Why is maurinho letting chevchenko in insteed of kalou?

What a GOAL! That was absolutely brilliant. Dida had no chance

If you could change one players nationality?

FORZA Kakà!!!!!!!!!

Who is the best left back in England?

3 -0 would have been better but it good.


Man utd fa life.

Were is the Biggest Soccer Stadium In the WORLD?

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i did'nt no till you told me

When did everton win the fa cup?

Believe it or not I dreamt that it would be 3-2 tonight, and said as much to several people. We'll win 2-1 next Wednesday and kick the Scousers' backsides in Athens.

Whats the best way to get to Chelsea FC avoiding the tube from Victoria?


What do you think about Peter Crouch breaking his nose?!?

you sound as happy as me
"wayne rooney, wayne rooney
goes by the name of wayne rooney"
we came from behind to show how it's done!
only 90 minutes between us and the finals.

Football (Soccer)?

man u showed what theyve made off

How would you describe stamina for sports?

haha at least this score means my bf will be in a good mood!! and yah im glad Man-u won :-)

Man utd 'v' liverpool?


Who is the best soccer club in England?

The man his just AMAZING

Which is better nike mercurial vapor or adidas predator?

he"s a chimp that plays football for a couple of bannanas

Why is soccer the bet sport you should allow your child too play?


What is the best football team in the world?

hes good when hes on form.

In 1968 which english world cup player scored 6 goals in a then 1st division football match answers please?

what a goal and to win it in the final minutes. it was so tense. come on utd.

What are some good soccer shoes?!?

Ah...the victory may be easy to yell, but it was 3-2..not 7-1.

Why is arsene wenger such a moaning whingeing twat that cannot accept defeat ?

I have always had faith that his form would return. Bottom line..he did his job and has kept us in it with a great chance to fight on. When the boy's head is in the game he can be an utter genius. Lets hope he improves back to his best with the recent confidence boost he has had and takes it all the way!!.

Who was the youngest player in the 2002 fa cup?

oh yes!
man u rule
it was a fantastic game

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