A question for Chelski fans?

Question:who are you going to support now??
does that now prove that long ball does not work??
and what are you going to try and BUY now??


WOOOOO HOOOOOO a great finale there :)?

andy murray,

don't talk to them about long ball, they don't know the first thing about tactics.

i foresee a change in management and terry and lampard going.

Who was the better Milan football player today??

The long ball has always worked well for teams like bolton, its not the tactic thats the problem, it was chelseas total reliance on it last night that was wrong.

A question for liverpool fans...

How come even though you cant compete in the league you still think your better than these other teams...

Chelseas played 60 games so far this season, thats over 20 more than most other teams.

Ferguson and England?

I have supported Chelsea since i was a little girl, and i will still support them untill the day i die.
Even if they were in the lowest of lowest leagues...that is what a true supporter is all about going through the highs and lows with your team and still sticking by them.

Player Rankings Soccer?

There is no doubt Liverpool plays more long balls than Chelsea and let's not forget they've been the champions for the two last seasons and I strongly believe they would win the Premiership if the FA didn't favour Man U.


Best football player at the moment? (the most inform)?

Oh Kolo change the record please. your continual hum drum questions are becoming boring. Ok so we lost a Champions league semi on penalties... wow! At least we still have something to play for (FA cup)... your season was over two months ago!!

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