3 failures in 4 years - Time for Jose to go?

Chelsea have a God given right to win the Champions League! Sack the Manager!


Is there a manchester united shop singapore?

Chelski are a nothing club...only where they are cos of the russians cash...they play boring,unattractive football,so they deserve the boring,unimaginative manager they already have...next year I think they will struggle to even finish in the top 4!

Free football chelsea liverpool?


Is Cristiano Ronaldo the best player in the world?

Jose is a twat, he will win nothing this season, other than the Carling Cup and will be gone by the end of this month. Chelsea will then be back in their rightful place, mid table.

Football Fans Attendance??

Why are people always in a rush to sack managers? How come players never get the sack? He won Chelsea's first title for 50 years, and then again the following year. What more do Chelsea fans want?

Does anybody now where I can sign-up for a soccer team?

hes brought success to chelsea,you could have denis wise

Which game will be most fun to watch tonight? Duke-North Carolina or USA-Mexico soccer friendly?

people who are saying he is succesful need to remember the money he spent i think watford would win the premiership with that money

If Petr Cech headed a goal with his protecive helmet on would it be breaking F.A. rules?


What is the name of the all time top scorer against man u ??

his attitude at the moment is he doesnt give a damn about chelsea. im not a chelsea supporter and i have noticed his cant be bothered attitude at the moment.

Who is the best scorer in Russian soccer league of all time?

They dont have a god given right to win the Champions League.

You can only win it if you beat teams & they couldnt beat Liverpool last night & didnt look like they would score last night even if liverpool had taken off their entire Defence & goalkeeper.

Yes it is time for the mouthy t*at to be sacked & sent packing back to his country.

Which do you think is harder to win; the Champions League or the English Premiership?

Chelsea are under the curse of never winning the C1 since when the C1 was established in 1955, Chelsea were banned by the . FA! now we are yet to go to the finals tahnks to them. Apart from that I do not see JMourinho to be a failure since 2 Premierships and 2 League Cups is really good for a manager emerging in English football... 1 semi and 1 final in the FA Cup, 2 Semis in the C1 is for me rather good as a manager who will continue and why not . break this curse!

Who will be Bolton's next manager?

When he tries to play like Wimbledon - Route 1 to Drogba - then you know his time is up.

Free radio Liverpool vs milan?

not a chelski supporter but why would say winning two premierships a failure?

and if you sack jose, who would you replace him with? sven goran eriksson?

Set history straight, Serie A and La Liga make the "Premiership" look pitiful, no?

he can still win the double to restore hisjob, he has the carlingg cup alreadyyy

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