After nxt Wednesday Chelskis' season is over what will Mr Mourinho do?


Futbol Zaragoza?

Go and work for Real Madrid

Where can i watch england vs andorra for free on the net?

Worship ManU

Who has the best FIFA 07 manager mode team?

probably Bahamas, I mean he will probably rent it all for himself ... can you blame him ?

POLL: Who's the next Maradona? Messi or Tevez?

go and sign on the dole lol

I got the old f50's. are they a good buy, and around how long will they last?

lol ^^

Realise at last that hes not the special one after all.

When are pomogranits in season?

prepare ffor the fa cup

What was the score totenham vs newcastle please?

Hide until next season

Are chelsea still alive :D:D:D:D:D?

Make more lame excuses! The bloke is a complete joke!

I play soccer & after playing alot thru the week, i find that i hav tender spots on my legs. What are they?

he will re-write his resume and send applications... he could be out of job at season's end... sayonara...

90mins to EPL CHAMP!!?

take over man u youth team then take the reigns from alex ferguson when he retires.

Does this mean Italian teams out of europe?

I heard FULL MONTY 2 will be starting producing in the next month.

Mex vs Ven?

he will quit Chelsea & return home to PORTUGAL to manage a team there.

Is there anyway that we can get 4-5 tickets to a Manchester United soccer game if we live in the USA?

I didn't know that the F.A cup final was next wednesday, why didn't anybody tell me!!

Whos better Arjen Robben or Marc Overmarz?

lol to Stuart W!!
I think it's time the "Special One" went to see a psychologist; he has these delusions that he's in charge of the biggest and best team in the country...he needs his head sorting out!!

Briefs or boxers? Panties or thongs?

apply for the real madrid job, whats your football point, this is a question about a spoilt brat and should be in the mothering and problem children section.

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