AC Milan the best team in the world?

Question:First of all those Man U fans who are calling us cheaters must first go and look at their own teams video because you guys are truley the master of divers and cheaters.
Second we have a combination of Italian soccer and Brasilian soccer + Seedorf so of course we are the best in the world.
We have been to every semi finals since 2002 and that's something that no other team has done in the last twenty years or so.
FORZA MILAN and Athens here we come


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Hell yeah we are the best team we are going to plow through Looserpool just like we did to Manchester U. HAHA
Forza Milan!!

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Who thinks Chelsea will win the quadruple this season? HAHA?

liverpool will kill ac milan, tho man u. is the best.

Ive just seen the clip of the fan trying to punch lampard..?

liverpool,liverpool!!!!!... like milan though,ceratinly to be a nice good game.

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firstly good just to milan respect respect... to the manu sore looser go and f yourselfs .lastly even though milan are a solid team BARECELONA FC ARE THE GREATEST THING TO HAVE GRACED THE SOCCER FIERLD

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"you'll never walk alone" - LIVERPOOL ALL THE WAY!!!

Who scored Manchester United\'s first goal in the successful 2006/07 Premiership campaign?

Milan should never participated on the champions, if juventus and fiorentina got suspended they diserved it too, they are certainly cheaters and it´s proved, they paid more to go enter the champions again and another amount for reaching the final go the champs go inter !!!

Michael Owen?

Though I have no love for AC Milan. They looked unbeatable against Man U. No way they will lose to Liverpool. Liverpool looked solid against Chelsea, but not nearly as strong as Milan.

Can't wait for the game though.
I'm guessing 3-1 Milan. Anybody else have a prediction?

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first of all! manu has TONS AND TONS of injuries. ferdinand, saha, richardson, park, neville, do i hav to go on? that team taht played ac milan wasnt machester united! the subs for manu consisted of the worst subs or the best u18 kids!

What is the size of man united's football pitch?

Milan kicking liverpool all the way 3-0 and the best team once they get ronaldinho

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For once I would agree that AC Milan is pretty good at fixing game and have Juventus be responsible for it.

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We'll see after the Liverpool matchup...

im taking Liverpool 2-1

Arsenal Mystery at Emirates Stadium our new home!?

I hope that AC win cause i Hate Liverpool...

Championes of 2007= AC millan

How is Mikel Obi current form in chelsea what's his website?

I am nuetral but I have two things to say.

1.) Man U fans... if you are saying that Milan cheated you are an idiot. They won fair and square. They will be major underdogs versus Liverpool, but they have a great chance of winning this thing. They have been playing great along the backline all the way up. Man u was better on paper, but this year Milan was one game better than Man U. If you are yelling "cheaters" it prooves you know nothing about soccer. And if any Milan fans say the same after being beaten by Liverpool, you are idiots too.

2.) You are NOT the best team in the world. If you beat Liverpool you will be the best in the Champions League tournament. If you were the best team in the world you would have won the scudetto. Saying you are anything beyond that prooves you know very little, if anything, about soccer. You are a douce.

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Manchester Utd. The Best..

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I wouldn't go so far as naming AC Milan the best team in the world as of this moment, but I wouldn't say that in terms of organization, financial structure, medical facilities, youth development and conditioning, they are without a doubt the best Club in the world. After BENFICA of course :)

Play offs finals?

Certainly not We are the * beatin you 2-1 and 3-2 in both derbies this season, If u didnt have kaka you'd be way worse. AC shouldnt have been in champ league like juve,
Liverpool are better than 2 years ago n will kick ya old asses again. Forza INTERNAZIONALE tha best TEAM of all

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yeah definitely ac milan is the best team we 5 world cup winners
and the best player in the world kaka, i think it's laughable when
Manchester fans compare him to c. ronaldo kaka is a better player than him on ever aspect of the game

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Milan is the best team ever. They should be in 1st place right now but since the eight point deduction they've lost some points. I can't wait till I see them holding the UEFA Champions League trophy!!Kaka is the best)

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AC Milan the best team in the world... 100% true... We will win the Champions League

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