A few years ago i was watching a match on the TV cant remember the teams but i think it was Brazilian football

Question:every time the ref gave a free kick he sprayed something onto the pitch which i assume it was to mark where the kick had to be taken from.
What did he use because if it was paint you would have marks all over the pitch and is Brazil the only country that this happens in.


Hey i was just wondering if you ever saw a american football player wear soccer cleats in a game?

Hi, I'm Brazilian. He sprays where the kick has to be taken from and where the players from the opposite team can stay to form that wall of players that we call "barreira" here.

The marks don't stay, it disappears after about 2 minutes. That was a very nice idea from a Brazilian guy cause the players from the "barreira" all over the world never respect the 9 metres distance, with the spray the referee can easily see when the player is not respecting the 9 metres.

It's a shame FIFA hasn't addopted it yet.

Who is the best in the Man Utd?

thank you too!

Birmingham City?

Didn't know of it, but Gustavo the reason FIFA wouldn't use this method, even though it would be effective for the 10 yds. rule is that it would be a bit time-consuming

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