What can i do to get more flexible for playin soccer ?


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Start to stretch every morning, start with hamstrings and then move on to quads and hip flexors. I also found that the yoga move salute to the sun is really good for toning muscles and increasing flexibility. Make sure that you warm up and cool down by doing stretches after each game and training session, this will improve flexibility and prevent injury.

Soccer is a fantastic sport so get out there and have fun

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do stretches everyday maybe

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why would you want to play soccer?

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strecth a lot. and practice every day if possible... practice make better!! isnt that what soccer players do?? they go to practice EVERY day except on mondays!

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go to the BBC Soccer Academy
they have tons of instructional classes about the best sport in the world

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It helps if you just play with the soccer ball lot and if you have no where do to that go to the gym and work on you legs the more you legs can do for you the better you will be....make sure you knee are nice and strong because they are what will get hurt first if you play rough....just make sure you are warm up enough before you play and don't be scared to take your time at this everyone is different and the more you do this kinda of work out the more flexible you will be okay i hope this helps you out because that is what i do and i have been play soccer for 13 yrs now and i love it

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Stretching works,

Also try going and researching the web. I found some pretty cool sites with lots of practice strategies not just for flexibility either.

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lunges, high knees, and tail kicks helped me. try to run a mile a day. and play soccer outside even if ur by urself..

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Just joging every morning.it helps really!!

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