I live in Canada. A friend of mine suggested I go to "games night" at a pub that really supports Celtic

Question:I thought for fun I would wear an AC Milan shirt I have, especially since they knocked Celtic out of the CL.
Would they appreciate the humour or should I get extra life insurance?


Anyone know the kick-off time for the Scotland v Costa Rica U20 World cup game in Vancouver , July 7th?


btw never go around downtown montreal with a leafs jersey.not even life insurance will help you there zio

Do you think soccer players are hot? Why OR why not?

if your are there to meet new people i would not wear it. However, if you want to ruffle some Celtic fans feathers then by all means wear it

Can anyone give me the full postal address of sunderlands training ground plse?

Get extra life insurance...unless you're looking for a fight..
if you want to be funny, wear a Leafs jersey.

Since david beckham is now in LA, will he now play for the US soccer team?

i think that they would appreciate the sense of humour

just be sensible and done wear an ac Milan shirt!

Soccer tricks,?

HAHA if i lived in Canada i would go with you with the Full AC milan Kit on, and a DVD of how we humiliated Celtic.

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