Aggregate Scoring?

Question:So I am an American trying to learn the game of Football (my girlfriend is from Europe and is forcing me). Much to my surprise I've found Football (Soccer) to be a great game to have on in the background and I think being at a game would be incredible (I forgot what real sports fans are like).

So here is my question: What is with the aggregate scoring? I was watching AC Milan crush Man U yesterday and had no idea why it would have benefited Man U to score two goals to tie the aggregate score. Can someone help me with this?



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The semi-final was played over 2 legs(games) Home and away The aggregate is the scores from both games added 2gether Man u Won the 1st game 3-2 and Milan won the second game 3-0 so the aggregate score was 5-3 to milan if the aggregate score was even say 5-5 the team that scored more away goals wins as they count double and if they both score the same amount of away goals the game goes into an extra time period of 2 halves of 15min then if still tied they have a penalty shootout

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Aggregate scoring is the combination of both the home game and the away game combined. The team who scored the most goals between the two games win.

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if man u had scored 2 it would have been 3-2
but Milan scored 2 at old trafford
but manu still won
so the aggregate scoring would have been 5-5
then it was level on away goals so it would have gone into extra time and penalties

but man u lost 5-3 on aggregate
they were counting the score from the game at old trafford
i hope that helped!

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Aggregate scoring is the combined score of the two games the teams played. Each team gets an opportunity to play at their home field. Depending on the competition (for example the champions league) in the event of a tie after the two legs the away goals that the teams scored will be worth more. So if a team ties 2-2 away then 1-1 at home they would win because they were able to score more away. Not all competitions use away goals as a deciding factor.

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Aggreagate means the combined score in the two games..if is all even at the end of second match then the away goals rule is implemented.

for example: since the score in the first game ended 3-2 in favor of man u, Milan only needed to win by 1-0 at the San Siro because they had two away goals from old traford.

that's they were saying that man u needed twoo goals as the aggreagate would be tie on both the score and away goals and then the game would go in to overtime.

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aggregate scores are the sums of goals scored by the respective teams in the two legs of a particular tie... obviously, the team with the higher aggregate advances to the next round... in the even that teams end with the same aggregate scores, the one that scored the more away goals advances...

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