Acmilan brilliant last night?

i nerver watched the game but herd they were briaint.exspecialy seedof and kaka does iverpool need to watch milan in final? AND DID KAKA PLAY IN 2005 FINAL AGAINST MILAN?


Any body use sopcast programe please tell me can i watch the england game tonight?

AC milan were superb. They did not waste any balls. However, I think it will be easier to argue about MU playing badly. Cristiano Ronaldo wasted many more balls than he normally does. The first goal was not really MU's fault, however, the second goal was clearly a lapse of concentration at the back. Gabriel Heinze played an unexpected pass to Nemanja Vidic, and he made a mess of the pass. The ball fell to Pirlo, who made a run on the right and crossed it while it was on the line. Vidic then made a weak clearance but fell to Seedorf who battled his way past fletcher and volleyed the ball into the net.In the third goal, there were no defenders challenging Gilardino, who then slot the ball past Van der Sar. The only player who was good for MU was Van der Sar, made a few beautiful saves, but failed to help a make-do MU defence.

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hi dude u think ac milan rocked last night i thought they sucked to the ultimate core and yeah let me tell u it was a fluke win for the rosieneris and that man u rock and will win the premiere league and the FA cup.i will support liverpool in the final milan are losers.

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utd had to play at home with a completely shattered defence and milan had the benefit of two away goals. then they rest all their players over the weekend and utd have to travel to san siro with still a pretty weak defence (no ferdy or neville)...of course they gna play well and utd were just unlucky.

milan gna get some sweeet revenge on liverpool and they are gna be outplayed so enjoy yourself now before you get humiliated.

btw learn to spell u hater!

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milan played fantastically yesterday. the game was just brilliant. kaka is my hero.

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AC Milan played an almost perfect first half...Their passing reminded me of Argentina in the 2006 world cup..Couldnt have been any better...Their defense was solid..Hardly put any pressure on Dida..Seedorf masterminded the first kaka goal with a genius header behind the defense..What was more impressive was Kaka's brilliant shot..The second and third goal came from Man U horrible defense..All in all Milan played a very good game..

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dear fellow gooner,
Milan kicked there cans bak to trafford where they should hav 1 the first leg if it was not for wayne rooney. but yes. Milan manhandled them, compleatly. Kaka scored in the 11th minute while Seedorf scored in the 33th or somthin like that...the whole team was pure brilliant


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they were good and man u were bad
kaka wa splaying in the 2005 cl final

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