Adriano leaving Inter Milan!! Its a Great news...hope Liverpool buy him!?


What do u think if he go to Liverpool?


What are the benefits of playing a 4-2-3-1 formation in football (soccer)?

He is going to Spain. Okay so jibes aside that he is not Spanish so Benitez won't buy him. He is Brazilian he will avoid the Prem like the plague, tackles are to hard and fast for their free flowing sport. There have been a long track record of class South American players failing in the prem. Real Madrid could be a good bet another scalp of a Brazilian star like Ronaldo all those years ago. Hard to say where he ends up Barcelona would be an interesting fit as well to team up with Ronaldinho.

We want to watch English Football and any other really , European, South American leagues on p.c?

He should go to Barca for eto'o.

Non-Americans - what do you think of American football/soccer?

ringo or maybe paul will go - who cares - stupid sport

Whats the best mens soccer university in the USA??

yeah...i heard he was leaving. its a shame but to be honest, he hasnt done much for inter lately. maybe saviola should go to inter to replace him!! that would be sweeeeet!

Which sportsmen are endorsed by pepsi?

i see him playin in Spain, he would be best at Real i think they could use another striker.

Arsenal-Chelsea, next...?

i very much doubt that he will go to Liverpool
he probably doesn't like the weather

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