6-3!!?? lol?

Question:HAHA Liverpool loses AGAIN to Arsenal

Spurs to win the Carling cup


Liverpool fans! give me your score prediction between.?

it sounds better when you say 3 v 6 lol and i'm with you with spurs for the cup,

First division season ticket prices?


Poor deluded Spurs.

Finest Regards

A Gunner.


What soccer player do you think, male or female, has made the biggest impact in soccer?

i don't think so, that will happen only in yr dreaming

What's the difference between American football and British football (soccer)?

Gr8 isent it

League Cup...?

to be honest i`m surprised that you would want Arsenal to win as a Tottenham fan because you are more than likely going to loose to them

Can bangladesh win world cup ?

yeah ok lol

What football club fan are you?

Yeah, like a Spurs fan would know anything about winnining...

What do you think about UEFA champions league?

Spurs will finish above Liverpool the day Satan ski's to work.

Does anyone hate Newcastle Utd as much as me ?

good luck with that

Is Cristiano ronaldo moving to real Madrid?

i hate liverpool and arsenal,,,,it shows you they are both crap teams,,,,liverpool for letting in 6,,and arsenal for letting in 3

Is there any football today in london?

spurs can't find there way to wembley never mind cardiff

Where can i watch free delayed EPL soccer matches on the net.?

arsenal are just great, look at how those teenagers demolished the likes of the so called senior players at liverpool the gerards and the bellamys. Now we want spurs and we will beat them again, ha ha ha!

Would you like to see terraces return at football grounds?

Fantastic result! Scousers are like Man City, they think they are a big team based on history but Arsenals kids put them in their place.

Who is most.?

why are you so happy? if our teenagers beat liverpool 6-3 then we'll demolish you

Can anyone confirm that Chelsea are moving to Milton Keynes to increase their fanbase?

spurs will get it next

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