AC Milan -v- Liverpool?

Question:Who do you reckon will win? Don't just back Liverpool cos British!

My man is backing Liverpool and me AC Milan - is it worth putting money on them?


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As you saw last night 5/2/07 AC Milan won 3-0 because they have tons more experience! They made Man UT look like amateurs. Their love for soccer will prevail !!

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Well, Liverpool have beaten them before.. I am hoping they do it again...



AC Milan, Man Utd couldnt contain Kaka, so Liverpool has no chance, but you never know

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Liverpool because of one man, Rafael Benitez.

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LIVERPOOL...well i ave to say that people in my family support them and of course their english..come ooonn uuu reeddsss!!

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AC Milan won't make the same mistake twice.

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i am going to bet big on AC they are looking awesome and want revenge.

Fernando morientes?

1) Liverpool are are English not British

2) No, it is not worth putting your money on Liverpool

3) You were as optimistic as you were when thinking it will be an all-English final and that England will win the World Cup

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Liverpool vs Milan = Gerrard vs Kaka
I will go for Liverpool cause Rafa is a man who know how to win in a cup competition.
Go red army goal!

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I am backing Liverpool. AC Milan can't beat the red devils!!

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This question has been posed so many times. And I will answer again. AC Milan on paper looks stronger and they may be so.

But Liverpool has always seem to play well in Champions League plus they have motivation (they don't have any other competition to get a silver ware).

Having said that, I do hope that AC Milan will avenge their last defeat and finally take the cup back to Italy as I personally feel they are more deserving.

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I would really like to see Milan smash Liverpool. Liverpool seem to do well in the Champions League, despite not having looked anything like champions for 17 years.

If the Champions League was true to its name and was contested only by true champions, Liverpool would not have come anywhere near the competition.

Liverpool have become one of my least favourite teams, due to their obnoxious, plastic, mockney fans that live in my area, who have never even been to Liverpool, let alone a game at Anfield.

Whos is your favorite soccer player?

AC Milan,

Are there any other tournaments for Fifa 07 ?

Liverpool will win

Van der Sar is probably leaving and Ben Foster will be the Man Utd keeper next season. Good or bad choice?

Obviously I want Liverpool to win, but if the final is half as good as it was 2 years ago then that will do for me.

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put money on Liverpool they have a better side than 2005 and in Benitez have one of the shrewdest managers in football....

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Keep ur money sweetness cos Liverpool are gonna win.

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foooooooook offfffffff Chelsea FC you aint got no history!! 5 European cups and 18 Leagues, that's what we call HISTORY!!!

You say that we are finished, were not famous anymore, but scousers rule the country like we've always done before!!
CHAMPIONS, champions, CHAMPIONS, champions of EUROPE!

But seriously! and I'm sorry if this upsets any Mancs or Cockneys out there but you can forget your Ronaldo's, your Rooney's, your Kaka's, your Ronaldinho's..and you know what's coming....Wait for it....I know it's all we ever bang on about....but... GERRARD is the greatest player in the world and everybody knows it. end of!

Athens will be six wins!!!!

Big shout out to Ball, R.I.P son, goodnight god bless.

I think my beloved Charlton can escape the drop?

Milan 2 vs Liverpool 1

Anyone else find it funy shaq crys about the refs?

i think if they played how they played against man u in the second leg they will kill liverpool no one can stand up to milan if they play like that gerrad won't do anything if gattusso there he'll kick anyones a** and kaka will rip anyones defence and liverpool have won 5 times in the champions league but others tema have done much better R.Madrid have won it 9 times liverpool should start concentrating on the leauge its been god knows how long and they haven't won its quite disgraceful for a club with that history come on

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ac milan of course .

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It will take a fool to predict a winner out of these two teams in the final! Had they been straightaway (that is they will attack from the start) then it would have been different story, But here we are having two teams with... HISTORY backing both teams. 18th May 2004 AC Milan go to win the C1 after a big win against Barca in...Athens and in 2005 in Istanbul where Liv'pool(SGerrard FC) AC Milan encounter ended 3-3(0-3 ht) and 3-2 on pens! Well the final on 23rd May this year will be (for me at least) a big one and now surely there should be no penalty or a red card in the game to make the final all the more interesting(unlike last season)... Now who's your money on?
As I said It will take a fool to predict the winner of the final..

Who do u think will win is it AHLY/ BARSHLONA?

going for liverpool f.c being a fan, i think are midfield is stronger but depends on us keeping kaka quite. give the ball to gerrard and let him do his stuff.Y.N.W.A

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Forza Milan!

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Liverpool! Why? great manager and great players.

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What's up with the Mexican Team refusing to shake hands with the US after being dominated once again?

I'm a Celtic supporter but will be shouting on Liverpool. They are a fantastic club!!

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