Alex fergusson?

if the sweaty sock was really any good wouldnt he be managing england


Do you think Man U will go through because you are a fan or you really believe they are better than Milan?

He wouldn't lower himself to managing you overrated,cocky gits,lol!By the way,is that the english way of spelling Ferguson?

Man utd fans!?

he is good enough for england, but he would never leave man united, he is too loyal.

Who is the biggest Cheat in Football Ronaldo or Robben?

not a manu fan at all!or a fergie fan!fair play to tat guy he still celebrates like a looney even if they score against walsall!also like alan shearer he has shown great loyalty to a club which he should be admired for!most importantly hes scottish so i dought if he ever even considered it!actually he got terrible hate mail and think even death threats cos he married a catholic girl!

How many times has newcastle won the fa cup?

he's scottish, so why would he want to manage england? It's not a 'promotion' just because he manages an english league club. 'so why doesn't he manage scotland?' i hear you ask, well because although it pains me to say it Man U will win a hell of a lot more trophies than the scottish national side will

How many semi finals in all competitions have Chelsea been in since and including 1994?

Sven and Macca are clearly better managers then Fergie <rolls eyes>

I hate Arsenal, and I hate Arsene, but I can admit that he has an eye for young talent and he is a class manager, one of the best in the world.

I hate Jose but I can say he is an efficent manager who knows how to win.

Whether or not a person hates United or Fergie, if that person is sane, surely they can admit that Fergie is a class manager, one of the best in Premiership history.

In conclusion, you're an idiot.

Live football streaming which is the best?

He once stated he would never ever manage England!

Is Maradona better than Kreuff?


Why is there 6 flags on football pitch 1 in each corner and 2 at half way line?

I personally believe,that he will retired at Man U.

First scorer in the arsenal v blackburn game..?

He once stated that managing Engurland would give him the chance for reveng on the Engurlish for the Highland Clearances! are not showing Charlton vs Blackburn - PLEASE give me a link to where I can watch?

I've got no time for Ferguson. He has had incredible luck. Anyone else would have been sacked long before he came up with a job-saving cup win; Brian Kidd was the architect of the side that made him. He tried to self-destruct it with selling Stam and others because they stood up to him; poor manager of players; won't speak to the press.
At least the Irish racehorse owners sorted him out.
Was a loser again till Queroz came back.

Do you think Rooney needs to be disciplined?

he is loyal to manchester united. He is too old too. he get knighted because of man u and he wan to pay back. to beat man utd,revenge?

he is good
he would never leave man u

Will any one come in to save SCARBOROUGH. F C.?

so... really your saying england are crap!

Ronaldo wins pfa player of the year?

What and try and do both jobs like stuart pierce tried to do.(look at the mess he made of it). I personally do not think even if he was offered the job he would take it because he has to much loyalty to Manchester United

Why did the LA Galaxy pay $250million for Beckham?

He wouldn't have the guts mate. Wouldn't want him anyway.

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