After today's result is the Premiership really the best in Europe or have we benefited from Italian teams bein

g kicked out?


When did Sir Stanley Matthews really retired?

well, can't still argue with the fact that 3 english clubs were semifinalists...

How many english premier teams are located in London, england?

The Premiership is twice the league Serie A is... Premiership has better quality, better style and better players... But Italians have tactics and organisation skills that are a bit better so that is why they are successful...

What famous soccer (european football) players wore or wear the number 18 (jersey number).?

it could be one of the best leagues in the world although the managers some times really are not very good lol jst look at the tactics plus theyre are to many premadonnas playin in the premiership make them have a wage cut and then you soon now who actually wanted to play and who was jst in it for the money

On a scale of 1 to 10. how much do arsenal suck...??

the premiership is the best in the world. utd has seriously had an off day ( at the wrong time). i asked fans who weren't utd and they said they would expect utd to go through. they have never seen them play that bad! even if the italians gain people's respect, the prem will always be the best, as the f.a. cup is the best english club (watched world wide) is the best which will put utd back on the map when we win it!

What soccer match arises more passions Brazil vs Argentina, Mexico vs USA or England vs Argentina?

I think the Premiership is by far the most exciting.... in terms of technical ability then I'm not sure. Regardless my money is on Liverpool to triumph over Milan.

What is the purpose of the semi-circle at the edge of the box in football?

Ah..this debate is endless.i.e which league is the best in the world..
People have diff oppinions so let it be tht way n enjoy watever league u like! End of story!

Do you watch or play soccer?

None La Liga is the best and anyhows Premier is better than the Serie A

Who is the captain of sweden in football?

The premiership is Best for entertainment..

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