Question:1.If sunderland get promoted will they stay up??
2.Will Roy keane be the next manager of ManU??


Manchester team united- didn't even try,did they?

Never but would be funny!

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The FA cup?


Who the champion in Champion Cup?

1. Maybe.
2. No. Mark Hughes, maybe.

The crapiest Man Utd player currently?

1. they have a good chance of staying up if they get promoted. they are a very motivated team who work hard at their game.

2. keano is the number one contender for the position on that sad mournful day when fergie retires *sigh* i don't even want to think of his retirement *cries for a bit*


What do you think about FA cup finals between Manutd and Chelsea??

WHEN Sunderland reach the prem league , they will stay up , atmosphere, big fan base, great manager, and i would say another couple of years and he has a great chance of being UTD manager. glory , glory , ......

Im a bolton wanderers fan and wondered if anyone out there thinks they can make it into the champions leauge?

not even, just cuz he played for manu doesnt mean he will get to manage the team. AF is doing a good job right now and I dont see him not managing manchester united for the next few years or at least roy keane wont manage a second class team to the best first class team

Matt Rogers (Gold Coast Titans) gave his son the middle name "Danger". Can you suggest any other cool names?

no they wont. yes he will

OMG.. the hottest soccer player is...?

1. yes -- they are backed by an irish conglomerate and will definitely pump the money as what they've done during the transfer period

2. maybe -- if keane proves his mettle and shows his merit, i am sure man utd will be more than interested to roll the carpet for him back to old trafford.


1. yes
2. maybe

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yes sunderland are going to stay up we got a great chance now
no he will stay with sunderland now he very committed to us u man u fans are not getting him!!!

Where can I watch the English FA Cup Final in Oakbrook, IL on Saturday May 19th?

Yes and Yes :)

US or England?

1.Yeah I think they will stay up.
2.Maybe in a few years when keane gains some more experience,if he does well for a couple of years in the prem with sunderland,then why not he's got the balls to do it.

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