Alan smith? unsung hero?

Question:while roon and ron have been getting the credits,
i noticed smith had been influential in all the games since he's back. he has this kinda veteran vision that allows him to playmake scorers up as what we had witness in the 2 goals against watford just. and he scores goal with technique truly
alluring to the class of an oldie, as shown against rome.
but he's fiesty temper had also mellowed...
which i missed ! the bull raging alan smith!
gracias henrik , welcome back alan !


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I agree. Alan Smith, especially today against Watford he was involved in most of the plays and unselfishly gave some of his chances for Rooney to get that hatrick. and whenever they mentioned a play, they involved Smith. yea smudge!!
and while we're on this topic, i think Carrick has been doing well too.

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I agree but he isn't really that good. Rooney I thin is 10 times way better but thats just my opinion

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Yea great to see him back he played superb again today :)

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smudge is proving his worth... his decision to work his way up the first team proved right... with larsson gone and saha injured, he sure fills in quite nicely...

yeah, welcome back smithy!

Who is better?

How good is it to have him back!! He has been great and I am glad he decided to stick it out and return. Gives great options up front and I think he and Rooney may just develop some magic.

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welcome back alan

Come on Chelsea FC!! Make it a BLUE day?

Alan is my cuty!!

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