After todays game ,who do u think will win the title now ,chelsea or man utd?


How come there are no algerians on this?

Does it really matter?

What was Paul Gascoigne's guernsey number at Tottenham?

Manchester utd! Chelsea have bottled it!

Soccer tips plz?

Man U, are looking good

Who was the scorer in the 1990 Zenith cup when chelsea beat Middlebrough 1-0?

man utd, definately, and they were 8/1 at the beginning of the season.

Who's your World XI currently? Who do you think are the best in their positions?


Liverfools v Chelski?

Utd are now the favourites with all the bookies. I hope they do win it, if for no other reason than to prove Moronio is more 'special needs' than 'special'.

John Arne Riise? Is he not seriously overlooked by the plaudits?

Looks like United will take it now.

Where the manchester untied players at the stadium today after win the cup?

Man Utd. They seem pretty determined this season. I don't want Chelsea to win it again.

English Soccer Question?

i don't know and let me say quite categorically i don't care

Everton v Chav$ki predictions?

well my bf reckons chelsea !

Can Eggert Magnusson bring back the 1966west ham giant back in the premiership?


How come that Arsenal never really make?

After the Christmas games pass then the title should really be in focus, but people are rightly leaning to Manchester United.

They are playing really great football. Players like Giggs and Scholes have been having great years. Rooney is scoring, and the defence is very good. All and all this is a very sound team.

How does the play-off system in the championship league work ?

To early to tell look at Newcastle and Liverpool in the 90's ahead at Christmas then fell away in the new year

Fantasy 11?

def man utd cos chelsea aint been their best so far this season and would have to pull something good out the bag i would put money on man u this season

Why can Dr who be known as a time lord and this is ok?

man utd all the way.
8 points clear and Chelsea only have one game in hand ! utd will walk it.
plus don't forget we have larrson coming in january.
we are getting our trophy back !!

Answer this if you know a lot about working out fitness and a little soccer?

you shitty little bastard

I see that MAN UTD increased in this

I think that Chelsea will win the title.

Anti Manchester United?


How will you all spend your Saturday afternoons now that the football season is coming to an end?

Man Utd are odds on favourites now, but i don't think they have the strength or depth to last until the end of the season.

Is Robinho wasting his time in Real Madrid?

Man Utd

How to play indoor soccer?

Manchester United, I hope!

Where did the expression "hat trick" when scoring 3 goals come from?

Manchester United
They have the advantage now with an 8pt lead, playnig great football again. The arrival of Larrson in the new year will strengthen the squad.

Is Rooney cooler than Ronnie?

Lets just wait and see. Remember Newcastle's 15 point lead. I can imagine Sir Alex Cheerynose saying 'A'd Love it!'

Paraguay striker Santa Cruz wants out of Bayern, which team do you think he should play for?

Man U.

Well can anyone tell me all the rules to korfball, like sombody who has played it and nos a lot about it? plz!

I said at the start of the season that Man Utd will win it and I stand by that. But all the bandwagon jumpers on this page make me sick, particularly the moron who made the comment about Chelsea bottling it. Listen, pal, did you see the game today? What about the one against Bolton? Or the one at Old Trafford? Or any football match in history for that matter? Keep your overblown, half-witted, nonsensical opinions to yourself. And feel free to report me for abuse, you knobhead.

Do you think Leeds fans will enjoy League One football?

As a QPR fan..definatley Man U

Who is the best Footballer?

man utd cant continue these winning and we will win the title.

What rule would you add, or take away to make football/soccer better?

Let's not forget that every single team that lost against any opponent has learned from that mistake and is looking forward to a revenge. Eg. Man City lost to Man U, now what makes you believe Man U will get 3 points there? I know it's not impossible but one thing we need to know is that Chelsea are now going through what Arsenal has been through so, I believe Man U may probably go through this by February, March when the title will be decided.

I'm not an Arsenal fan but let's watch them out as they are bouncing and bouncing back... I like that as that makes the competition more and more interesting instead of what happens in Scotland only 2 teams how boring...!

How many english players ACTUALLY play for an english club?

I hope and think Manchester United will, the young players have matured and the whole team are playing well together, look at the amount of different goal scorers they have had so far this season and Larsson could prove to be good support for the strikers.

Any fluid and prolific dribblers out there?

Chelsea will still win it.

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