10 points,name all the teams available in fifa soccer 2007?

nombren todos los equipos en fifa soccer 2007


Support England?

Chivas, Morelia, America, Toluca, Santos, Crus Azul, Jaguares, Pachuca, Tecos, Atlas, San Luis, Tigres, Atlante, Pumas, Gallos Blancos, Necaxa, Veracruz, Monterrey

Where do you believe, the barcelona's stricker javier saviola will play? arsenal, tottenhan, portsmouth?

lol, are you serious??

Who else is pleased Manure are going out of Europe?

Romania - Slovakia - France - Sweden - Bulgaria - Latvia - Denmark - Lithuania - Ukraine - Luxembourg - Czech Republic - Israel - Slovakia
- Italy

Anyone know where to watch the Carling Cup / League Cup final, Arsenal v. Chelsea in New York, NY?

arsenal,astin villa.chelsea.man utd. amilan.athletico...oh im falling asleep

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