After seeing man utd thrash roma, i would agree that ronaldo is the best player in the world?

what do you think and do you think they will sell him and how much is he worth?


Whos the beast soccer player ever?

People, calm down! Anyone could score in that game last night! Giggs was the most important until the second goal, after that Roma was lost and a little kid could do a few tricks. It was not even a serious game after the third goal. Not taking anything away from him, but people get carried away too much. He hasn't showed up in any big game, not even in big games in the EPL. People talk about him this season only because Henry is injured, Ronaldinho is having a bad form... It seems to me people get amnesia too quickly. C. Ronaldo hasn't shown fifth part of what Ronaldinho showed for Barca. CR7 has experienced players around him, strong defense, great goalkeeper, great coach. Compare that to Barca's silly defense, average goalkeeper, Rijkaard... He's not in the same league, no way. You know when you can compare him to Ronaldinho or Messi? When C. Ronaldo is playing at his very, very best (case this season) and they are playing at their average (whatever the reason for that may be).

Plus he would need to prove himself in a more competitive and stronger league, like in Spain. In Spain, teams that fight to avoid relegation are as strong as those that finish in the middle of the table in England. EPL has 4 big teams and 16 weaker teams. And surprise, surprise, C. Ronaldo hasn't scored in any of the games played against them this season (Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal). He has a long way to go to be considered one of the best.

And not to mention his diving. True, it has nothing to do with talent, but it shows the lack of class and immaturity.

Chelsea fans only!!?

Yes i agree
A lot

Pele, Ronaldinho,Maradona,Ronaldo or Zidane?



More than a bag of balls.

Training tips for indoor soccer?

he's certainly one of the top five players in the world. I would rate Drogba above him this season. because of his youth and the crazy way Spanish Teams conduct their business I would say Man Utd could get £40m for him.

Should there be Sudden Death Matches?

yes i would he made it look so easy the ball looked as if it was glued to is foot at times 50 60 million and cheap at that

Where can i get Everton soccer stuff in singapore??

I know he is a one of the best soccer players in te world, I think Manchester United won't sell him because he is a valuable player in the team, he is young and has skill.
But it's just my opinion, I don't know what will happen, and I think if MU wants to sell him, maybe the price is about 40 million pounds

Anyone know of any good Arsenal songs or chants?

what goes around comes around and ronaldo will have this to uptend

Who else likes Nemanja Vidic?

i think he is definitely the best in the world, if he keeps playing like he is now, he will go down as one of the best footballers of all time, united wont want to sell him at any price, but if he really wants to go they will have no choice, i would think his value now must be at least 38 to 40 million pounds.

If Steve Mclaren is the answer...?

Yeh...he has something special
No...Sir Alex will do his very best to ensure that he keeps him, hopefully after they pull off the treble, the talk about him going will die down, where else could he go?
In excess of £40M

I would just like to say that I think Ryan Giggs played a blinder tonight, couple of duff balls here and there, but he worked his * off tonight, my man of the match.

As someone who admires sportsmanship and fairplay.?

no hes a f.u.c.k.i.n.g show off, diving,cheating Portuguese wanker,and his bird is a slapper,his mum is a s.l.u.t,and he sucks dick.sorry just had to get that off my chest.isnt this the same ronaldo that got rooney sent ???? winking w.anker

Im playing football manager 2005 and im managing manchester united of course but im in need of a good player?

He's definitely up there, no doubt.

How much do players in Malta get paid ?

I absolutely agree...he has definitely proved himself over and over again. I think Ferg. knows how valuable he is and he wont be sold anytime soon but when he eventually gets to that point he's going to cost an arm and a leg! =)

Is a permanent loan the same as a free transfer?

The best because he scored 4th and 6th goal. LOL!!

Another easy win for the Mighty Spurs,time for arsenal to watch their backs I think so do you??!?


Who is the best ireland or england?

he's a wonder to watch, but i think he is still maturing, his time will came to take that title in the mean time am hoping his days at united are long.

Which team has david beckham played for besides man u and madrid?

he is certainly making a case for himself. when man utd win all trophy, he has the world player of the year in the bag.

glory man utd.

Was first game where Ian Rush scored first and Liverpool lost the 1987 League Cup Final?

he is undoubtedly either first or second in the world now - the only player capable of even being in his league is ronaldinho when he is at his best..

ronny is going nowhere right now..fergie would never sell him...

he's worth a new world record sale right now...i'm sure we would get maybe 55 mil easy from real madrid for him...thank god we don't need it - he is irreplacable anyway...


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