1st correct score for man u vs milan gets 10 points?

what do ya reckon


Who was manager of Liverpool FC in 1952?

milan 3 x 1 man

When is the second leg for liverpool psv?

2-1 Milan

CONCACAF Gold cup(soccer) answers only?

Man Utd 3 - Milan 1 (on the night)

Quick before Arsenal and Liverpool.?

2-2 Utd go through, come on you reds.

Is there a playoff system for the premier league?

2-1 Milan go through on away goals

Should England scrap friendly matches and have training camps instead ?

2-1 united

Indoors or cleats on a turf field?

3-1 man

Which team David Beckham plays in?


I am looking for some good tips for an indoor soccer goalie?

2-0 Milan

A tale of two Ronaldos.!!?

0 - 0 draw

Why does Ronaldo get critisized so much?

Milan will win 2-0 and that will put Man Utd out

Debate for true soccer fans of the Premiership?

i reckon 2-1 to united!! go on! wooooo!!! we're guna do the double!!

How can i describe street soccer (futsal) to convince the city hall to build a futsal court?

0-0 utd are going to defend to the maximum because as it stands they are going to the final. is it a repeat of 1999

My uncle hasnt seen me play soccer and he lives far away and im going to his house should i tape it?

man u 3 milan 2 after extra time

What does the az in az alkmaar mean?

1-0 man utd

How can I watch reliable live TV and especially live premier league football online with no charges?


Are all leeds fans *HEADS?.?

United-8 Milan 0 Rooney the first player to score 6 goals in the champions league

Where i can buy boot that the price is cheaper? size 11,nike vapor 2 or 3. original.?

i predict a score draw
1-1 or 2-2

Give me the names of the RPsport teams and their Email addresses?

MAN UTD 3 vs Milan 0

Should Football Have 3rd Ref View?


Who was the 1st goal keeper to save a penalty in an FA cup game.??

2-0 man u

Are you going to the match today?

3-1 to milan on the night..
5-4 on aggregate

What is the average pay for a European and USA Soccer player?

man u 3- Milan2

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