Well 5-0 to MAN UTD?


Top goal scorers of all time?

Man Utd 1 - Roma 0

16:45 GOAL - Alan Smith
Man Utd 2 - Roma 0

18:09 GOAL - Wayne Rooney
Man Utd 3 - Roma 0

43:13 GOAL - Cristiano Ronaldo
Man Utd 4 - Roma 0

48:09 GOAL - Cristiano Ronaldo
Man Utd 5 - Roma 0

59:30 GOAL - Michael Carrick
Man Utd 6 - Roma 0

68:27 GOAL - Daniele De Rossi
Man Utd 6 - Roma 1

80:26 GOAL - Patrice Evra
Man Utd 7 - Roma 1

.and counting in front of 77,406 fans!

is this the highest score ever at this stage of the competition!

Why does carlos quieroz do the manchester united interviews on bbc and not sir alex ferguson?

double figures?

Whats the name of scottish footballer Andy Grays wife?

Is it first to 21 to win ?

At Last - Southampton have a Multi Billionaire?

No offence, but who cares! If you're really that bothered about it, why are you on here instead of watching the game - you might miss another goal!!

ps. i'm not a sour puss! I just have a football-obsessed boyfriend and the football's on so often it drives me mad!! If it makes you happy i'll say good luck to Man U - my other half's supporting them enough for the both of us anyway!

Marabdona Footaball's worse disgrace?


What was the protest at the liverpool match for today?


Is Englands Soccer team far better than its Cricket team currently playing World Cup?

darn them man i am 4 manchester united

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