A very funny joke?

Question:A plane is about to crash. There are five passengers but only four parachutes.
The first passenger says: 'I am Ronaldo, the best football player in the world. The world needs me, and I cannot die on my fans.'
He grabs the first parachute and jumps out of the plane.

The second passenger, Hilary Clinton says: 'I am the wife of the former President of the USA; I am the Senator of New York and I have a good chance of becoming the President of the US in future.'
She grabs the second parachute and jumps off the plane.

The third passenger, George Bush says: 'I am the President of the US, I have huge responsibilities in the world. Besides I am the smartest President in the history of my country, and can't shun the responsibility of my people by dying.
He grabs a pack and jumps out of the plane.


Glory Man U All Fans Cheer Up?

brilliant!!but today an english,irish and welshman all had their 1st child.the nurse who introduced each proud father to his child asked each what they would name his boy.the englishman said george after st.georges day,the welshman said david after st.davids day,the irishman said pancake.

Can anyone tell me the font used in the AFC (Asian Football Confederation) logo.?

heh heh. that totally made my day ^_^

Which palyer wears Manchester United's number 16?

i remember that joke but minus the names
and what does this hafta do with soccer, minus ronaldo

Where is THFC today with his rubbish questions?

heard it before.except you added in ronaldo and hilary clinton.by the way where was "the best player in the world" today?

Isn't Liverpool the best team in the world?

Funny, very good.

I always said George Bush would make a big impact on the world!

Why do Arsenal & Chelsea fans hate Spurs so much?


What is the point of the SPL ?


George Bush.

Please answer this question!?

i cant stop laughing hahahahahahahahhahahahhaahhaha...

For the girls...if you get bored with too much footie...?

That's old, just some of the names have been changed.

Chelsea sucks?

lol good one

Is there a website that streams international soccer live and free?

Funny, because it's sooooo true

Famous hispanic soccer player.?

Strange I thought the funniest joke was Lees United

Milan - Manchester tickets?

It would have been funnier if Beckham was there and he jumped out with the backpack.

Did Christiano Ronaldo receive the PFA ' Player of the Year ' award for his amazing ' diving ' ability ?


How many clubs have played in the premiership?

Sorry attempt to raise the devils.

Good or Bad? Arsenal not selling out to Kroenke.?


Why is Real Madrid's coach being dumb about benching Beckham for the rest of his contract?

Hahahah, Chelsea beat you... Hahaha... you lost... hahahahah very funny. hahahahahahah. hahaha

Why r people defending that useless England manager and blaming the players?

typical red rag joke no cups

If you could change or add a rule to football what would it be ?

Cool, thanks for that!!

Who is better?

very good..ha ha

Has anybody got any Arsenal home tickets they want to sell?

haha funny one

What was the name of the teenager from willenhall wolverhampton?

That was funny. Bush is an idiot

Where can i watch Lituania-France on TV in Sydney (Soccer Euro qualifying)?


The best way to find a soccer agent?

cool :)

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