A question?

if the prem is so good because 3 teams made the semis this year how many prem teams made the semis last year or even the 1/4s last year?does one year prove anything?


Do Manchester United fans dislike the English national team..?

I think people put too much emphasis on that fact alone, but it definitely goes to show just how great the league and the teams are. Of course, one year doesn't prove anything. But I think people base their opinions on recent form and past glory, which then is highlighted on the fact they there are 3 English teams in the Semis. I wouldn't say that England having the league is based on that fact alone, it's just that's where all the focus is at this point in time.

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A scot I assume?

Does watching football(soccer) add any thing to my experience?

Shattup you tart!

Which teams can pose a threat to the Man United for the remaining games in the Premier League this season?

sean dont listen to them idiots above me , one year doesnt make a different. look at the spanish league youve often seen two of them in the final like madrid and valencia a couple year ago there has never been two english teams in the final.. over the past ten years two english sides have won the comp sure madrid alone have one it three times over ten years i think

What is ur expectations about today match between Liverpool and Chelsea ?

Arsenal made the final last year, Liverpool won it the year before (beating Chelsea in the semis) and we have 3 in the semis this year. So i think you will find by that the Premiership IS the best!!

Which Soccer Player has the Hottest Wife or Girlfriend?

the 3 teams which qualified to the semi-finals shows that the Premiership is the best football league in the world.

Why oh Why are Man U so lucky? 7 - 1? Is this to stop us querying the rot in Italian football?

certainly english footy is on the up but some here are still totally clueless as to why...

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