"sam" do you fancy GIGGS IS OO7 ? you haven't asked 1 question and answered 3 you refer to him, RU JEALOUS

yet you have been a member for over a month, are you sick or depraved ? do you need more attention ? did mummy not breast feed you ? what exactly is your problem and when you answer this you will have answered 4 questions about him.


Who would win in a game between Glasgow Rangers and Boston Celtics?

sam your futile attempt to continue to annoy me just fuels my fire. i couldn't care less what you like and don't like(in the info about me section).

CHEAT ? is this meant to be a kiddies games, for me its a way of alleviating the pressures of the mundane life i lead in this ever decreasing society.
(i am bored between UNITED matches)

but to compliment you i look forward to your invaluable input, what is your real log-in, no don't tell me i might be disappointed.

until are next written exchange my secret nemisis.

I am delboy remember i used to be on level 2 i cant go on it eny more cos i lost my password?

ehh who's gigs007 and who's Sam

Fight, fight

Can you use +f50.7 uppers on +f50.6?


Howard gale ex footballer?

YAKSHEMASH!. Ma name a Borat!

The Potteries:How many Football League Clubs are in The area known as The Potteries?

maybe hes jealous

Can someone please explain to me the advantage of taking a short corner?

Who's Sam?? lol maybe were in the playground again who knows :) have a nice weekend. Glory Glory Man Utd

Anybody know the score leeds-preston?

sam is a clone of thfc -- even other spurs supporter branded him a disgrace for the THFC badge...

get a life THFC. stop harassing people.

Why is Adebayour such a *? Should Mikel's Red Card Be Overturned?

I dont understand..
what happened between u, sam, and giggs is 007??

Which manager first appointed David Beckham as England captain?

DEF a strange one m8 , will keep my eye"s peeld, ummm?

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