Adidas Predator Absolute or Nike Mercurial Vapor lll ?? which are better??

Just wondering.


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its all dependin on you, if you are more of the fast paste, giv and go juke and pass, go down the line for the cross, waiting for the thru ball kind of player, definitly get the nike vapors, they are light weight and a great pair of boots. if u more of a defender, and is about average speed player and have a great kcik, and if u are a midfielder who gives the thru balls and down the line balls, what ever fits your foot. if u are a fast defender then you may want the vapors because they are very lightweight. if u have a wide foot.dont get the vapors, get the preds, vapors are for the players with skinny feet, very fast pace. so its ur choo=ice, presonally i dont know how wide ur foot is, so u can make that decision ur self. if u like both cleats...and have a skinny foot, get the nike vapors, why not get the fast boot right? im just sayin but here is a word of caution. right now, ur foot is relaxed and hasnt been in such a tight shoe such as the vapors. so for the first few weeks or so, ur feet WILL get blisters, and after will be free to go to hav great cleats. but are u willing to take that pain? when i first got my vapors, my heels comment, thats what i hav to say about it...NO COMMENT

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I like them both, I cant decide.

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Adidas Predators no doubt

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