8 yr old coaching drills?


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1. Knock Out. Set a small circular or square area up. Every player has their own ball. The object is to knock the other players' balls outside the circle without losing your own ball. If your ball gets knocked out, you are eliminated.
Variations: No elimination. Have one defender in the area that doesn't have a ball, but tries to get one.

2. Red Light, Green Light. Also works great in a small area. Each player has a ball. The coach calls out the different light colors. Be sure to introduce each "light" one by one. You don't have to be limited to red, yellow, and green.
Example ideas...
Red: Trap the ball with the top of your foot
Yellow: Dribble slowly
Green: Dribble as fast as you can
Orange: "Runaway Truck!" Keep the ball away from the coach, who's going to try to steal it.
Flashing Siren: The "police" are coming! Shield the ball!
Purple Polka-Dotted Light: Change direction

3. Set up about seven or eight "goals" (2 cones about a step apart) with the goals about 15 yards apart from each other. The players should be partnered up. The players have to pass the ball through the goals to each other as many times as they can in a set period of time (make it short.) They have to pass to each other, and they can't go to through the same goal twice.

4. Hungry Hippos. Set up two lines of cones about 20-25 yards apart. Two or three players start on their hands and knees. All the other players are on one of the lines. The object is to get past the "hippos" to the other line. If the "hippos" take the player's ball with their hands, the player become a "hippo." This is a good drill for improving defense and goalkeeping.

5. Classic Keep-Away. Set a boundary, however big you choose. Divide players into three teams. (For the sake of example, I'll call them Red, Yellow, and Blue.) Start one of the teams on defense. If red's on defense, yellow and blue are on a team together. If red steals the ball from yellow, the yellow team is now on defense and the red and blue teams are working together.

6. Steal the Bacon: Divide the players into 2, and send them to lines of cones about 20-25 yards apart. Number off the players. Then go to the middle, toss a ball out, and call some numbers. If you call #1, the player with the #1 from each side comes out and tries to bring the ball back to their side. You can call multiple numbers and a good way to end this game is to call all the numbers at once.

In addition to this, a fabulous website for youth soccer drills organized by age is http://www.coachingsoccer101.com/index.h...

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