Alan hansen or andy gray?


I have found a website (pro-direct sport) which does personalised football boots. do you know of any others??

Hansen as Grays a biased bluenose bast**d whom i hate with a passion oh and hes fat. Oh and i am a liverpool fan as well soooo might not wanna pay attention to my opinion.

When will the new football kits be out for next season?

Alan hansen

Who else is pleased Manure are going out of Europe?

Andy Gray.

Tottenham Hotspur Tickets for sale: 2007/2008 season. Where to sell?


Orlando pirates are not doing well this season .Which coach they must must employ?

hansen, gray bores me and i hate that pen he uses all over the computer.

The Best Club Team in Europe and the World?

they are both good however they are both slightly patronising and seem to look down their noses at people.

Come on!!why do u say that rooney is an overrated player??

Andy Gray! He definitely knows what he's talking about, and makes it seem more fair than Alan Hansen does. I think Alan Hansen just sounds biased towards Liverpool.

Andy Gray has a proper sense of humour too!

What is the juggling game called that is played with a small ball over a chest high net?

hansen.. i hate andy gray the tosser

What do you think about Mariniho staying at Chelsea?

Andy Gray, Hansen wants to be English and supports England and is an insult to Scottish football.

To think an ex international would turn his back on his country like that is dreadful.

Andy Gray all the way.

Which premier league clubs have the highest average attendances?

alan hansen

Why is there no Pay Per View match on Prem Plus next Season?

alan hansen .

In your opinions, who are currently the 5 best players in the Englich premiership?

Andy Gray. He has an affiliation with Aston Villa, my team, plus he knows the game inside out. He's an expert football commentator.

Was first division football televised on terresteral television in the 1980s?

andy gray because he speaks sense

What is the most entertaining football match you have ever seen?!?

You saw that in the Sun. Aaron Lennons profile. Did u notice his nickname is Azza. How unoriginal is that. At least it could be John IE - John Lennon

When is beckahm scheduled to join the Galaxy?

Allan Hansen is a turncoat M****R. the guy is a complete fool. I have never in my life heard of a guy with a broad Scottish accent, Scottish roots and a Scottish family pretend he is English.
and for this reason, Andy Gray, also as he sounds like he knows what he is taliking about.

Hansen, you talk utter pish and you can stay in England as you certainly arent wanted here in Scotland

Hi...cris you go to Real Madrid?

andy gray all the way, he is so enthusiastic about the game. hansen is ok, but andy is the guvnor.

Best stand at stamford bridge?

alan hansen without a doubt, I can't understand a bloody word gray is saying.

See if someone's a light weight on the ball?

I find both of them tedious and there are much better available, however if i do have to choose it would be Hansen

When did the futbol/soccer (soccer in US) futbok everywhere else mixup happen?

Gray is in danger of disappearing up his own butt and his comments are beginning to be a bit off. He used to always be on the money but he isnt as good as he used to be. Gordon Strachan is an excellent pundit. When he worked on the BBC during the world cup he would always say something insighful about tactics or a player. Great for Champ Manager by the way

Sountrack of mexico 86?

Alan Hansen cause Andy Gray talks out of his a r s e.

In the fa cup final before the game started there was a song in the staduim what is the name of that song?

cant choose both are great

Should the galaxy have gotten Ronaldinho instead of Beckham?

gray man...he's got a great humoritic attitude!!

Who was the fifa world player of 2006?

they both talk a load of crap. if any of them where any good they would have moved into management a long time ago. as it is they are both happy to sit there and talk a load of rubbish and pick up a nice big salary of footballs back.
Jamie redknapp actually talks a bit of sense without climbing too far up his own backside to do it.

Ok girls only Who do u think plays better,works out, is sexier, cuter, much stronger and more kinder?


Would anyone like to see an all Britain Champion Leauge semis?

Both are quite good at what they do

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