~~~~~~~~~~Who Is Better??~~~~~~~~~~?

Question:Sheva ------Drogba Italy-----------France
Man Utd---------Arsenal Melbourne Victory----------Sydney FC


Reading FC or Fulham FC?

1) Andriy Shevchenko.
2) Italy
3) Manchester United
4) Sydney FC
5) Tough 2 decide, but I'll go with Rooney. As a youngster, he's got a lotta energy.

Ticket prices for the play offs at Wembley?

melb vic

Could you be a MANCHESTER UNITED supporter ?

Drogba, France, Man Utd, Melbourne Victory, Henry

Predictions on the following game?

They are all good in their own way, but don't forget, that all of them have their ups and downs.

When did beckham join real madrid?

henry henry henry

Who was the top scorer in the world year 2006?


Is david healy a gem or what? i bet...?

Drogba,france,Man utd,Have no idea abt australian football,Henry

Who runs more, Soccer Players or Football players?

Didier Drogba
Sydney FC
Thierry Henry

Tell me how to log in to the www.youtube.com if you know?

1. drogba
2. Italy
3. Arsenal
4. sydney fc
5. Henry

FA Cup Final : MU vs Chelsea. 10 pts to first correct score prediction. Quick! Only 10 mins to start of game!?

super didea drogba

Should mcclaren bring back beckham?

Drogba France Man Utd Sydney Fc Henry

Can anyone give me links reagrding football tips and stuff related to it?


George Best?


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