3 years time who will be best fabregas or romaldo?


Is Eto'o coming to Liverpool?

Fabregas will b da best in 5 yrs time as he is younger dan ronaldo. but in 3 yr tym it will be ronaldo

Who won the last game between Manchester United and liverpool, where did they play the game?

Obviously Ronaldo. Fabregas will be held in high regard though.

Is Henrik Larsson the best player not to have finished a complete season in the Premiership?

THis is sooo obvious -- RONALDO

Who will win the Mexico vs USA game?

none of them will b the best!

after 3 yrs:
KAKA'll the BEST! (just like he's now!) :D
then cristiano r. & fabregas!

What is the best fit for a soccer jersey?Should it look baggy or be just nice?

fabregas is younger then ronaldo and he plays as good as him so i would say fabregas

Why you choose chelsea?

Francesc 'Cesc' Fabregas.

Names of spurs goalkeepers over the last 20 years please?

Fabregas will be the most sought after midfielder in 5 years...Ronaldo is very good and very talented but Fabregas all around technique will make him the best...

Can goals by a team be considered an error by the other team?


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