Do I sense a hint of weakness at the top? Liverpool are ready to pounce…?

Looks like Liverpool have hit form just at the right time.


How do i get better at soccer??

Oh I hope so =)

Which team do you support in the English premiership?

you mean arsenal...liverpool..maybe

First prem side to field a team of foreigners in a match?

Man U My favorite Team just loss to WHU. Arsenal is doing ok Liverpool 2

Dose frank rijkaard has a girlfriend?

Crouch is ready to pounce. Tall people rule!

Is Arsene Wenger just throwing his toys out of the pram?

Liverpool will do what they have done for the last 15 years. talk loads and loads about the past, say they have a chance, and lose critical games...

Liverpool WILL NOT win the premiership and all you liverpool fans are deluded to think so...

I'm a villa fan, but i aint stupid enough to think that just cos we're in the top 8 with a billionaire owner we're going to win the league...

Liverpool just isn't Man UTD and Chelsea quality...

Between these clubs.. who do you think deserve to get relegated:?

You have no chance whatsoever if anything it will be Chelsea again Man U if they are lucky

Pls ow many matches did thierry henry played for arsenalfc in last season`s premier league,and ow many goals?

please tell me your joking, liverpool DO B SERIOUS, so u have won sum easy games WOWWWW

X+y=83 with a differance of 17?

they are 13 points behind i dont see how that can happen

Do you hope united get stuffed today?

The Reds need to keep up the consistency and hope refs don't keep favouring man u and Chelsea like they did today, not that it did Man u any good

Please help sort out an argument? because scholes didn't get a?

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha here we go again Liverpool put together 2 or 3 wins and that makes them the best team in the world in the eyes of their supporters Chelsea playing crap and yet they still winning that's whay wins leagues

Why did Chelsea FC choose royal blue to be their colour?

Liverpool has strong & complete squad but I only see them reaching 3rd spot at best this season.

Soccer help?

it looks like chelsea have hit form 2. they are gonna push on at the same time. liverpool are already to far behind. god dam it.

Football game on Jan. 23rd?

Oh yesssss...they are!!!

Which team is the biggest in Turkey?

Chelsea is going to overtake Man. United you mean and Arsenal is going to finish 2nd.!
Liverpool to inconsistent in my opinion.!

Should FA Cup Replays be scrapped ?

Hmmmm, keep dreaming sweetie. Liverpool are going to pounce where? 3rd is as high as anyone else can get this season unless Man U's and Chelsea's heads all explode.

Who here thinks the great Wayne Rooney has lost his form?

Liverpool have as much chance of winning the Premiership as I do of sleeping with Myleene Klass, i.e. none!

What's one baseball team that never made it to the finals?

errr.if by 'pounce' you mean finding a way to magically erase a 13 point defecit then go for it liverpool...

whenever they do it, look out for the pigs flying across the stadium on gold wings and santa claus and the tooth fairy in the stands watching the game..


Does anyone know were I can get cristiano ronaldo's jersey but not so expensive?

I think it's still early to decide who'll win the Premiership as things are still row...
Liverpool are doing very good that they may even win the Premiership as their performance is just getting there from game to game while Man U started slipping as expected.

Good Luck, Liv!

How long can you keep it up for?

i am not going through this with you again

Is it me or do you get the feeling that eggert magnusson guy knows nothing about football?

NeilM , U never know UR luck. Santa may put her in UR stocking . lol

Are they any football girls fan!?

liverpool will finish 3rd or 4th no higher

Who agrees that Chelsea are going to be the next leeds?

next season hopefully! as long as chelsea win it and man u don't.

Have Cardiff bottled it??

Joke of the century.common mate liverpool only won against teams that united crushed, fulham on the 1st day was a total demolition so plz those who thinks that liverpool will win the premiership...Stop dreaming.

In which FA Cup final did players first wear numbers on their shirts?

Yeah your right dude.No ones talking about Liverpool,
Infact everyones forgetting about liverpool.

They're forgetting how liverpool can be a big danger to the league.

Ok maybe not this year, but next year when the billionaire arab guy buys liverpool, they will be unstoppable.

Are players becoming too powerful?

Chelsea and Utd would have to lose 4 games and Liverpool would have to win 4.

You beat a very poor Charlton side and only just. They could of equalised.

Are newcastle getting better?

I would have said "no way" just a couple of weeks ago. So you never know...

Who's gonna slate Lampard now?!?!?!?!?

I'd hardly say that Lampard & Drogba's goals are hints of weakness.No way are Chelsea gonna drop 11 pts to you lot.

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