3 english teams in the Champions League semi-finals, what does that tell u?

without doubt, the best league in the world is the English Premiership!!


My Valentine is a Spurs fan, help!?

Tells me without question that the EPL has this year produced the goods in relation to the most highly competitive teams.

Sasan, stop with all the crap. Your predictions failed you. When one of your teams fail you have 10 more on stand by !!

Who is the greatest footballer of all time??..maradonna,pele,garrincha,zidane?

winning the CL english style!

Where is Ronaldinho from?

Joke of the day or say joke of the year. EPL the best? LMAO

Wait for Juventus to come back and they will handle all three.

What? football or soccer?

english teams are the best. and it almost says that there will be two english teams in the final.

Even if we dont like Mclaren ...should we support the players during the game..?

EPL is the best at the moment but next season they will be back on their usual #3... Italians are without Juve and Milan is without a striker, Barca was without key players and Real has an idiot for a coach. Liverpool got undeserved win at Camp Nou and lucky PSV draw, Chel$ki won by one goal against Porto and Valencia, Man U is only VERY strong English club in the CL. Roma and PSV don't even belong to quarter finals of CL!!

Before the 2006/2007 season, when was the last time Arsenal beat Manchester United twice in the top league?

You are a smart person =]



It truly is the best. English football is the best in the world.

What is Arsenal TV Online?

no it proves many things like that barcal had a troubling season with the injuries of eto'o and messi as well as ronaldinho getting to much criticism after the world cup did not allow him to play to his full potential it also proves that the english premiership is the best league internationally this year just like the spanish league was last year so ill give props to man u, chelsea, and liverpool(unless they really screw up a 3-0 advantage)

Craig Bellamy?

i'll let you savor the moment...

epl really staked it's claim as THE best league in europe.

I was given a project to provide name of uefa or euro league clubs, and their salary cap. pls anybody!!?

i agree with maradona n dats y i always thinkin...i am man u fans...but i ddnt think epl the best league...but i admit epl is interesting league...i dont like jose...but i admit since he is coming to epl,epl has changed to a new epl...n it is more interesting... :)

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