Is it possible for a person to be a goalie but is not tall?


Who sang you will never walk alone 1st at a football ground celtic or liverpool. i need dates?

Yes. So long as you can jump and move quick.

What is the best soccer club in the world?

yes! IN FACT, BUFFALO'S GOALIE FOR YEARS WAS ONLY 5-8. dominek skaek, or something like that! i forget how to spell his name, but he is not that tall.

How do see the coming game man utd vs middlesbou?



Of course,as long as you can block the ball.

Are Arsenal over-hyped?

heck yeah! we got kid on my team (16 yrs old) thats like 5 feet tall... hes the best goalie we got, and were like the best team... And were comp. not rec.

Why wasn't Oguchi or Demarcus playing for the U.S tonight?

Yes I play in an u-19 division and i play goalie at 5' 1''

Why do footballers exchage jerseys after a match?

Of course! Being a goaltender involves more than just height, but also dexterity and speed and good eye sight! In other words, what good is it if you have a giant who takes 5 seconds to reflex and respond to a shot versus someone who has spring like reflexes!

Is Berbatov banned for first leg uefa cup against Sevilla, did he pick up 2 yellow cards against Braga?

totally. smaller gks are more likely to get the low shots. height doesn't mean anything in the world of soccer. keep trying and also work on your vertical jump.

Foreign player rule??

Yea there are goalies that arnt that tall! If they can block the ball, jump, catch and punt well then I see no reason why they shouldnt be a goalie!

Is this the worst result Blackburn Rovers could have hoped for?

being a goalkeeper is not same as being a center. All you have to be is quick, jump high, kick well, be able to use your hand well, and have good eyes.

Who will Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal sign this summer, who is going down next season?

of course mexico had a short keeper. jorge campos and he was very good. you need to be pushing 6 ft realistically though but never say never

England - Premiership- Is there a playoff at the end of the season?

Jorge of the best

What is the difference between football and soccer?

Yes u r hight is small dont worry u can be goalie

Which club does eagles belong to?

of course it's possible. i know this guy he's like 4ft12' or 5 ft who's very good in being goalie. a goalie doesn't need height to be a good goalie...a good goalie needs to have speed, fast reflex, good eyesight, strong hands and courage. being taller is just a advantage, but it doesn't makes you a good goalie. some tall people are slow. when a fast ground ball is coming you have to be fast on diving down to save the shot. yea, and if you are taller and it's a one on one(not penalty)the guy shoots the ball and it might go under the legs cos you are tall n go down slower cos of your long legs...

Where can i find news about honduras soccer team and their players?

Jorge Campos (MEX) WC Keeper .. Not tall athletic..

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