Wat do U tink is more famous soccer(football) or basketball.?

chose if basketball or soccer(football) is more famous.


Do u want beckham bak 2 play 4 england and y?

football is global -- extremely huge in europe, south america, asia, africa and oceania

basketball is predominantly US as well as in a number of countries with established leagues..

Have sunderland any chance of winning the championship?

In the USA, American football is.

Should the three lions on an England shirt, not instead be three leopards?

In my opinion football is famous , because its known in many programs and basketball a little and many people keep on taliking about it.

Who will win the Carling cup this year?

Unlike Chad K., I don't discount the rest of the world just because they aren't America. For its world wide following, I would have to say football (soccer), then basketball, then American football (I refuse to acknowledge baseball). Personally, I love all three.

Well how much do you think the final tickets will be for Utd v Chelsea, will you pay that much?

* thats the stupidist question ever man SOCCER duh!
* basketball!

Why is ronaldinho now wearing number 7 on the brazillain team instaid of 10 like always??

well in europe soccer but i don;t understand basketball really when i play on xbox it goes soo slow and i get bored so ... I LOVE SOCCER

What cleats do kaka wear?

Football, most definitely.

Who is better S.Gerrard or F.Lampard?

football (soccer)

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