If my sister put £250 on Chelsea to win the FA Cup Final and the odds were 10/3? How much has she just won?

Because I am going to take it all.


British football fans?

To get 100/30 she must have placed that bet b4 the final so it sounds genuine and if thats the case the exact amount she will pick up is£1083.33 thats inclusive of her stake money!

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Hope it wasn't to win in normal time...

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£1080.00,thats if she put it to win outright.

If she just bet without outright,she hasn't won because it went to extra time,and bets are only for 90 minutes play.

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Coupon bets refer to 90 mins. football, unless her bet stated to win cup outright she has won nothing.

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i think 833.33

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winnings would be £1083.25

BUT: was it antepost
BUT:was it over 90 minutes
OR: was it to win the cup outright (even after xtra time)

At the price it must have been Ante-Post Surely I cant see chelsea being that price in a two horse race

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no shes won nothing as for as am concerned

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Neither have Man U today - couldn't resist saying that!

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£833.33 winnings plus the return of her stake money giving a total of £1083.33.

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1080 quid

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