Did anyone else think Mourinho looked and sounded like that would be his last game?

On his interview after the FA Cup final?


Where is the best bar to watch an EVERTON match at in NYC or N. NJ?

you may have a point...

Why is arsenal fc called arsenal fc?

Did a bit didn't it - when he was asked about Chelsea fans?

@ 9.25pm - It is Liverpool 2 Arsenal 5! Can I hear the Kop singing?

maybe he's headed to jail for his dog, poor think.

I think ronaldo has only signed for 5 years because mufc MIGHT win something this year has he jumped the gun?


Do you think Ronaldinho will leave Barcelona for Ac Milan at the end of the season?

i hope he leaves

I need tips or a site with entensive information for wingers in soccer?

no.he is always like this.remember.?the last game of last season.he didnt smile atleast
but who cares?
we won the FaA cup.we r the best


Do you agree christian ronaldo is probably the best player in the world in present form?


Who thinks Ferguson sucks?

hope not and am a bolton fan

Greece - US Embassy Bombing.What do you think of Greece - is it a haven for Terror suspects ?


Was there ever a team in Major League Soccer from the Tampa Bay area?

Yes but he looks like that after every game.

Does anyone else hate it when they go to Old Trafford and are surrounded by southern accents?

No he will stay i think.

Do you think KAKA is a best player soccer ?

Jose is going nowhere!! Did laugh though when he said that London had lost its worst threat... his three cm long dog!

Sat watching match of the day and ronaldo is a diving tosser?

Eh, If he does I will leave Chelsea, I dont like Homovic turning this into a Jew bay.

Magical Manchester United, Goal number 2 was one of the best I have ever seen 3-0?

i hope not .i think he is great .i do not support chelsea..

Will it be liverpool or arsenal to get beat by spurs in the carling cup semi's?

i think that by the start of next season jose mourinho will have been sacked. who will be coming in his place that is the question and also ae chelsea going to sack every manager that they have who doesn't win the premier ship because its starting to look that way anyway jose can come to newcastle and we will sack big sam for you there is only one jose after all

Will Villa improve with their new signings?


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