All that user man utd does is agree with everyone and then say have a nice day?

Question:just agree with people to get best answer
she knows nothing about soccer she thinks crouch is the best striker in the prem i couldnt stop laughing when i heard that . what do u think about her


If the same team wins the FA Cup and the Prem who do they play in the Community Shield?

People post a question on here for two reasons.
1. to answer a question they dont know, or
2. to get other peoples opinions.

Man U gives her opinion and try to answers people questions thats what this site is about not having a go at people.

How can download manager football 2007?

She does her best. She obviously thinks having a TC badge is a big deal - so let her have her fun.

Why do guys think Cristiano Ronaldo is gay?

lol, shes very wrong i think its Christiano ronaldo or steven gerrard.

Why is soccer so boring?

Who cares.I do wish people would stop trying to backstab others on here.Im not interested in stupid tittle tattle.

Do you think Stuart Pearce should leave Man. City and concentrate on his under 21s for England?

I agree with everything that you have ever said,and as to the matter of points,mmmm, have a nice day.
(man utd. answer above:"shut up idiot, at least I am polite",) ha ha ha ha, that`s a belter.

Yet another violation?

That's not all she does, she also breaks site rules by posting multiple copies of questions, that are not even questions half the time, point games, posts non answers

And this is what Yahoo call a Top Contributor.

PS: LMAO at her hurling abuse while saying she's polite.

Where could i find plus sized (3XL, 4XL) Portugal Soccer jerseys?


But shes ok.


Do man utd can win treble again this season?

And all ur doing is moaning about everyone else, leave her alone bully.

Whats that song that is played at all English Premier League games?

Hrm... You scared me...I thought it was me...

Yeah... By the way...what's wrong with crouch? He is not the best player in EPL but he is good enough to be one sooon.

Yeah.. I have always loved the user MAN U's answers.

Have the three teams relegated ever returned to the premier league together after one season?

in case you are not aware she is only very young so leave her alone and pick on someone your own age. She is not answering life and death questions.

Rip off britain?

who speaks out those peculiar striker peter crouch!!!! well choises may differ.but i think that great personality immediately needs a mental treatment....never mind!

Why England hates Sven Goran Eriksson?

it's people like this guy that make so entertaining!!

PS however, don't call it SOCCER!

The three great football teams of london?

Another prawn sandwich eater - and I noticed last week she was all 'have a great Easter' - I just can't believe anyone falls for it

A friend of mine suffers from being a Swansea city fan - do you think he is mentally ill?

Some of the most idiotic answers on yahoo are from man u. Pain in the rear end!!

R.I.P Italian Football?

Ask me a Question about Football and I will answer you. Why have people got such a downer on man utd, Can you not just live and let live.

Do you know the key ingredient to Chelsea's success?

leave her alone, freedom of doing anything you won't.

Why didn't Robinho come to Arsenal ?

Leave her alone! Is your life that empty you've got to bad mouth people on this site ? I bet your some spotty geek who's probably a virgin and never been to a match in your life, but do have a nice day!

Who One Today America or Necacza??

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