All Football fans play this RON'S CHAMPIONS LEAGUE PREDICTOR GAME!!!?

Question:Rules -
5 pts for the correct result with the correct score.
Eg. predicted 1-0 actual score 1-0.

0 pts for the wrong result with the wrong score
Eg. predicted 1-0 actual score 0-3.

3 pts if the result is correct but the score is wrong
Eg. predicted 2-1 actual score 3-2.

1 pt if one of the teams score predicted is correct.
Eg. predicted 2-1 actual score 2-3.

Similarly you can also get 4 pts
Eg. predicted 3-1 actual score 3-0.

I am looking forward for your active support. Please predict the score avoiding bad language. You can also leave your comments on this game. Person with highest score will get 10 pts. Predict the score of the following Champions league games 2nd leg only and not the first leg.


What jersey is this? (Brian Johnson of AC/DC)?

ok all that was complicated i'll give u my preidctions
bayern 1 ac 1
livpl 1 psv 0
man u 1 roma 0
chelsea 1 valencia 1

Does anybody know a team in London who accept for probe training players?

BAYM vs MILAN : 1-1

LIV vs PSV : 0-0

MANU vs ROMA : 2-1

CHE vs VAN : 0-1

Was Kevin Keegan attacked by a gang with baseball bats in 1991?

LIV 2 vs 0 PSV
MANU 2 vs 1 ROMA
CHE 1 vs 1 VAN

Which of these players r married or girlfriends:?

bayern 2-1 ac milan
liverpool 1-0 psv
chelsea 1-0 valencia
roma 2-1 manu

Football fans - epsecially Bolton? With whom shall I replace Diouf (Fantasy Football)?

Milan 1-1 Bayern
PSV 1-2 Liverpool
Roma 0-0 Man Utd
Chelsea 2-1 Valencia

Who thinks Mike Basset would do a better job than Mclaren?

AC Milan 2-0 Bayern Munich
PSV Eindhoven 0-1 Liverpool
AS Roma 1-0 Manchester United
Chelsea 2-0 Valencia CF

Steve maclaran has just resigned - who s going to be the new england manager?

Bayern 1-1 Milan
Liverpool 2-0 PSV
Man U 2-1 Roma
Chelsea 0-0 Valencia

Brazillian ronaldo? Or POrtugues Ronaldo?

ac 1 - 2 bm
psv 1 - 1 lfc
as roma 0 - 1 man utd
cfc 2 - 1 val

Why isnt Ronaldo playing today?

my head is spinning :P just kidding..i like stuff liek this

here is my entry:

bayern 1 - milan 2
liverpool 1 - psv 1

man u 1 - roma 0
chel$ki 1 - valencia 0

there u go.


What was the best Rugby League Challenge Cup Final you have seen staged at Wembley ?

Baym 0 vs Milan 2
Liv 3 vs Psv 1
Man u 2 vs Roma 0
Che 2 vs VAN 2

Which football club is the best(i think chelsea)?

byn vs mil-0--1
liv vs psv-2--0
manu vsb roma-1--0
che vs van-0--1

Who is the Hottest Footballer in the World?

LIV 3 - 1 PSV
CHE 3 - 1 VAN

For ladies only...?

Bayern-2 vsMilan-2
Liverpool-3 vs PSV-1
ManU-1 vs Roma-1
Chelsea-2 vs Valencia-1

Who is the best soccer player in the world?

i agree

Were can i find the besrt place two whatch liverpoop play ac millan in the champions leage cup final in canun?

BAYM vs MILAN: 2-3
LIV vs PSV:1-1
MANU vs ROMA: 2-1
CHE vs VAN:1-2
Cool idea, I like this. Please participate people, we can do it for every round until the end, it will be fun to see people's opinions. But i would say please don't put chelsea5, valencia 0 just bc ur a zealot who can't ever realisticallly concieve of his beloved team losing. On the other hand, please do, maybe then i'll win ;)
hmm... I get the feeling the milan game will be a bit of a shootout, not sure why, just a gut feeling. Chelsea played a tough match on sat., valencia rested most of team on sat., plus are at home. They beat inter, big favorites, and look very confident. I don't really like roma, and would prefer to see man u conitnue(though im not a huge fan of them either...). Hopefully pressure in pre. league won't affect their preformance,but overall they are a better team, should go through. except for liverpool, this is extremely tight, its gonna be an amazing night of football.

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