After last nights Carling Cup Game -Should any more players be punished after that terrible brawl that ended?

Question:in a 'free for all'.
I think more players should be booked - looking at video footage
there were more than just the 5? that were really going crazy.
I also think Bridges wasn'nt as bad as he made out.
What a fantastic game - John Terry was so lucky - I could not
believe he was out of hospital and back at the ground so soon
to celebrate their victory.


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Yes there should have been more cards handed out and I am saying that as a Chelsea fan. I believe Bridge was an over reaction totally and quite embarrassing to watch. Felt Fabregas was very lucky to stay on the pitch and Lampard was on very dodgy ground. I do hope the FA will now look at the footage and further consequences should follow for both sides.

having said that quality game and proof I believe that JT is half man half rock !

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things need to be looked at cos if they get away with only a slap on the wrist ? its gonna happen again and again.

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The incident last night show that football have the ugly side too and this must be prevent by punishing not just players but also to the teams too.A heavy one so that they get a lesson from it.If not,this incident will continue in the future and bring shame to the beautiful game.

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Yep, frank lampard had hands around fabregas throat, so he should be more serverely dealt with, possibly lined up in front of a firing squad, jose morinho should also be shot for being foreign.
Bridges completely over reacted, i think it was an ugly scene, and harder punishments for all the players involved would hopefully prevent this happening again.
Unfortunately, nobody snapped didier drogba's legs!

I would pay to see that!

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it's always an ugly scene to see professional footballers decend into a brawl but every now and again its unavoidable when you have that much testosterone flying around! (Look at rugby!)
to me the only person that needs to be punished is wayne bridges who's pathetic fall on the floor after hardly being touched epitomises the worst part of modern football. it is this blatent cheating that needs to be stamped out.

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It seems to me that quite a few players were guilty of affray and should be suitable punished. Its very hard for a referee or his assistant to control such a situation but video evidence should be used to see who else deserved a booking or sending off

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"terrible brawl"?? how many punches were thrown??

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with the video footage, there should be a lot more suspensions, but we all know nothing will happen.

if it does 2 things will follow, wenger statement about victimisation, and jose throwing all the toys out of the pram.

2 things NEED to happen, wenger needs to be left in no uncertain terms, the league, the fa, and the premiership will not tolerate his violent outbursts, or that of his players, he is no longer allowed to train the players in this fashion and should be supervised by an uefa offical. jose to be given a life time ban, from being involved with football.

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Who cares. GO ON THE CHELS...
Carefree wherever you may be..

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the only one who should have got booked was the guy who thumped bridge.the others was all handbags .as the ref wanted to show he was in charge he started going mad with all these cards.

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what the referee missed was a red card for himself for not stopping the game for a freekick for arsenal which caused the anger around players..

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is not dat bad as u think in football something like dat are bound to happen people have to just handel it in a mature way but i think the refree is did jusify the right thing

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A good game spoilt by idiots, lumplard being one lucky $%@# by still being on the field at the end of the game. And I agree something has to be done to put a stop to this sort of behaviour. Even if it is arsenal and chelski. And it really surprises me that so many people were amazed that john terry was back at the millennium stadium by 18:00, I was surprised it took him that long!

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i think that lamps deserved to get a yellow, and fabregas was lucky to only get a yellow, he had lamps around the neck. And i dont know how terry got back so quick but for me that is a good thing!

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I think everyone got what they deserved except Adebayor. I still can't understand why he was sent off, in my opinion everyone was in it, he should have stayed out of the brawl but of course it was hard to keep away

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i didnt actaully see the match, only heard about it, but i think all players involved in the brawl shud have been booked.
i was really worried to hear about john terry, but realy pleased to find out he was ok and i was shocked that the hospital didnt keep him in, as they wud normally do when someone has head and or face injuries

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i dont think fabregas is doing himself any favours at the moment & i think he should have been sent off.if he doesnt grow up pretty quickly all the talent that he has will be worthless...i dont know why toure went so mad either...after all, he had just won a free kick...possibly more could have got sent off but its difficult too judge...

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yes i mean the fa have to let adebayor go because it should have been eboue who should have been sent off.
but Chelsea dont even get me started on them

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