$250,000,000 for Beckham??

Has the world gone completely insane?


What do you think of this?

in my opinion the world of soccer has gone insane. its supposed to be a sport which people participate in for enjoyment. but it has been taken over by big business and become a business itself. much of the fun and enjoyment has gone. its all about money and profits. watched some recent documentaries about corruption in fifa itself (soccer world governing body). officials selling tickets at over inflated prices etc . also soccer agents taking huge bribes/kickbacks. Italy was recently rocked by the scandal of corruption among match officials/referees. there have also been allegations of match -fixing. so sadly its no longer sport its business....big business and the beckham fiasco is just another crazy manifestation of this.

Who do you think will win the gold medal for diving in the fa cup final?

Nice question, i enjoyed this one more than the several thousand similar that just preceded it.

Don't you just hate it when most people assume you are at a match just to watch the sexy men?

Yes... (sigh)... and I heard he recently spent the weekend with his wife in Paris and they spent $975,000 - in a WEEKEND.makes me kinda nauseous

Who is the best player in Liverpool fc?

They say it is mostley marketing money commercials etc. Who cares. No American likes soccer anyway. Good for him though.

How much are the arsenal vs portsmouth ticket's??

dude, you should have scrolled down the list of questions before you wasted 5 points. DEJABU.

Info on bobby irvine i f a international 1924-1925 mabye schoolboy international might have played for l/field

No! But the MLS isn't a very god league,so they want to get big European stars to come to the U.S. and play in hopes that other big football stars will follow and make the MLS a big league. [ain't gonna happen!!] If they need to spend that much money they will. It's just like what the Saudi Arabian team did to Luis Figo, They are paying him 8 million euros for 6 months!! They want stars!!=]]

Which british team is the best (for history and titles)?

I heard about this. That is Craziness, there are SOOOOO many better ways to spend all that money, maybe some to the lower class? helping fight poverty?

they say that he gets about 1 million dollars each week!

Does anybody know what team jonathan dos santos plays for?

Sports salaries have always been insane. No one is worth that much money.

When did ENGLAND first win the world cup?

The crazy thing is he will take all of it right back to spain to spend it.

About soccer?

Not the world, just the MLS! with Alexis Lalas involved (if you know who he is), they know what they are doing... it's just a matter of time to see the outcome WE, THE TRUE FANS KNOW!

Sorry to all you itallian fans,?

hes good and all, and dont get me wrong because i love the sport, but id rather watch paint dry than watch an mls game, even if becks was playing...basically he gets 250 mil for doing nothing because if pele couldnt do it in 1970, no one can

What is the name of the movie about the US National Soccer team that went to the World Cup finals in the 1930?

The funny thing Beckham was given "$250 million". How much will it help the game of soccer in the US "0".

How do you get better at soccer?? I am a forward!?

He should donate half of it to me - lol.

Man Utd v Aston Villa?

he should go back to england not in hollywood!!!

d americans do not like soccer much unlike in europe but at least he does not have a hard time there in terms of the language spoken by d people there unlike in spain.

Who is the best soccer striker in the world ?

hahaha u should put ur question in jokes category or invent new category and call it strange world hehehe
i think that is really insane world , u give millions or lol quarter billion for a player "one player " amazing
how many people die because they need money or food
i need people should understand life more better

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